Women in Islam hosts Spa Night


Joel C. Bautista | The Ticker

Shahram Rahman

“Spa Night” was held as a means to help sisters de-stress and unwind making it a night to remember as midterm exams approach. 

As midterm season begins, many clubs at Baruch have attempted to alleviate the stress of students and help them become relaxed, giving them  the right mindset to take their exams.

“This is a kind of event where our sisters can finally let loose. For example, they don’t have to wear hijabs, so that’s one way they can like let loose,” said Raian Rahman, vice president of the Muslim Student Association and a senior majoring in finance.

For “Spa Night,” a professional masseuse arrived onto campus and gave the sisters massages and mini facials, among other kinds of spa-like activities. The sisters enjoyed pizza as food and played different kinds of games.

“Spa night was really fun. It was nice being in a relaxing environment with all of our sisters. The food was good, games were fun, and the spa was really relaxing,” said Shermeen Khan, a fellow sister and a sophomore studying data analytics as a Macaulay Honors student.

Women in Islam introduced “Spa Night” as an event the previous semester, so many sisters said they were excited to see it come back this semester.

“We did ‘Spa Night’ during ‘Charity Week,’ and it was a really big success, so it’s kind of ‘Spa Night,’ kind of ‘Game Night,’ a little combination of both,” said Rida Rasheed, president of Women in Islam and a sophomore majoring in computer information systems.

“So, we been like figuring out our agenda and stuff for like a week or two. The original prep was already kind of done from last semester, so we are kind of using the same thing.”

“Spa Night” is one of the many events that is sponsored by not just Women in Islam, but also by other Muslim-oriented clubs on campus, such as the Muslim Student Association and Muslim Business Association. Club members often interact with each other in many ways and help each other as much as possible. For example, the MSA treasurer bought many of the drinks for spa night.

Khan had some more to say regarding the effect “Spa Night” had on her.

“I feel like events like these help us not just enjoy the things we do with each other, but also like enjoy each other’s presence. We are growing more not just as a club, but also growing our sisterhood here at Baruch. Also, with the recent Coronavirus  outbreak, we don’t know when we’ll see each other again, so it was nice to be with everyone,” she said.

The gathering  had a successful turnout, as many sisters showed up throughout the event and enjoyed all activities and food together. Women in Islam hopes to continue this for next semester, and hopefully start a tradition for many years to come.

“I do think this event will help the sisters get closer with each other and form more bonds and friendships and things like that,” Rasheed said.

Along with the sister’s “Spa Night,” the brothers also had their own spa night that day at the same time. MBA, MSA and WII worked together to put all of it together.