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Baruch Alumni Ruschell Boone passes away from Cancer
Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant • September 18, 2023

Spectrum News announced that Emmy Award-winning journalist Ruschell Boone died Sept. 3 due to pancreatic cancer complications. She was 48 years...

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Baruch students win CAS Case Competition
Nicole Bryk, News Editor • September 18, 2023

Baruch College students William Huynh and Yuhan Lin are on the winning team of the 2023 Casualty Actuarial Society Case Competition, winning...

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Baruch was ranked No. 10 best public college by Wall Street Journal
Nicole Bryk, News Editor • September 18, 2023

Baruch College was awarded several titles in the “2024 Best Colleges” rankings by the Wall Street Journal and College Pulse, including the...

Baruch will be introducing Brightspace in the Spring 
Baruch will be introducing Brightspace in the Spring 
Adriana Maria Lopez Tavares, Opinions Editor • September 11, 2023

Starting in fall 2023, CUNY will no longer be using Blackboard. They will be using a new platform called Brightspace to modernize and streamline...

Yan Krukau | Pexels
‘Quiet-Cutting’ has no place in the workplace
Lucy McGee September 18, 2023

Quiet-Cutting is the practice of companies reassigning employees to a role that is often associated with a lower salary and higher workload....

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CUNY should only allow sustainable institutions in its decisions
Celine Lozach September 18, 2023

From our air to our education, fossil fuels influence practically every institution that touches people’s daily lives. Unfortunately, CUNY...

Social media has become a tool for virality, not virtue
Social media has become a tool for virality, not virtue
Stephanie Frias September 18, 2023

Media spectacles and the goal of virality has desensitized people to the concept of privacy. Everyone has an intrinsic right to privacy, which...

Courtesy of Abdullah Mahdi
USG Report: Clubs will be receiving a larger budget
Abdullah Mahdi September 18, 2023

Hi there Bearcats, I hope all has been well! We are already a few weeks into the semester, so I hope you’ve had some time to get adjusted to...

InSapphoWeTrust | Wikimedia Commons
Ferry workers receive raise after 13 years
Huda Tombul September 19, 2023

Staten Island Ferry workers will receive their first raise since 2009 following the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association finalized negotiations...

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China’s ban on iPhone signals concerns to investors
Vincent Perretti September 18, 2023

China banned the use of iPhones among government officials, signaling a move to limit Apple Inc.’s presence and elevating worry among investors. Soon...

Market Update 9/11/23
Market Update 9/11/23
Chris Koruth John September 18, 2023

Markets decreased between Sept. 6 and Sept. 11 as elevated oil prices and the possibility of continued rate hikes kept investors spooked. Markets...

NYC short-term lease registration law goes into effect
NYC short-term lease registration law goes into effect
Jani Avery September 18, 2023

Short-term rental companies, like Airbnb Inc. and VRBO, may lose their New York City hosts due to a new law requiring landlords who rent out...

Screenshot from One Piece trailer | Netflix
“One Piece”  episode one is an awesome start to the live-action series
Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant • September 18, 2023

When Netflix announced that a live-action series of “One Piece” was in development, the idea was met with extreme criticism by many die-hard...

Screenshot from Choose Love trailer | Netflix
Netflix lets viewers “Choose Love” in new interactive film
Sonia Kalo September 18, 2023

Netflix has experimented with interactive content over the past few years with “Minecraft: Story Mode” and the Emmy-winning “Black Mirror:...

Screenshot from Bottoms trailer | Metro Goldwyn Mayer
'Bottoms' uneven but over-the-top enough to be fun
Alexandra Adelina Nita, Graphics Editor • September 18, 2023

In “Bottoms,” childhood friends PJ and Josie devise an all-girl fight club as a ploy to lose their virginities to cheerleaders —spinning...

Screenshot from Blue Beetle trailer | Warner Bros. Pictures
‘Blue Beetle’: Simple, yet fun superhero flick
Rahul Nath September 18, 2023

Blue Beetle is an action-adventure superhero film based on the DC Comics’ character Jaime Reyes, the third person to take up the Blue Beetle...

Christian Emmer | Florida Health Sarasota County Department of Health
New COVID-19 variant may not be as detrimental as initially thought 
Ali Hussain September 18, 2023

A variant of COVID-19 that recently sprang up and made news headlines was found to not be as serious as the initial claims made it out to be. About...

Caitlyn Johnstone | Chesapeake Bay | flickr
New York City spotted lanternfly sightings are at an all-time high
Zena Mohamed September 18, 2023

The invasive spotted lanternflies sighted all around New York City and surrounding areas have reached an unprecedented high and can potentially...

bob wick | flickr
Climate change induced flooding at Burning Man festival leaves thousands stranded in Nevada desert
Mia Euceda, Arts & Culture Editor • September 18, 2023

More than 70,000 people were stranded in the Nevada desert due to flooding at the Burning Man festival on Sept. 1. Black Rock Desert, a 4,000-acre...

ESO | M. Kornmesser | Wikimedia Commons
‘Earth-Like’ planet could be hiding in the solar system
Joshua Huante September 18, 2023

Japanese researchers have found evidence to predict the existence of a planet like Earth in the Kuiper Belt region within the solar system. It...

The Lakers create promising roster
Josias Fernandez September 18, 2023

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most followed franchises in basketball history. The impact that the ShowTime with Magic Johnson generated...

Coco Gauff wins her first U.S Open Tennis Championships title
Laura Rosas, Web Editor • September 18, 2023

Coco Gauff became the first American teenager to win a women's singles U.S Open Tennis Championships title since Serena Williams on Sept. 9,.  Gauff...

Mississauga Chiefs 2014 | wikimedia commons
Professional Women’s Hockey League, will it work this time?
Joseph Bello September 11, 2023

There’s some big news in the hockey world this week! The Professional Women's Hockey League, or the PWHL, has announced its formation to be...

2023 FIBA World Cup Qualifier Uruguay vs Puerto Rico | WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Perfect the shot: FIBA aids NBA careers
Jeremy Dobin September 11, 2023

The International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA)World Cup, an international basketball tournament, is under way. The underlying story of the...

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