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Foster signing proves the Redskins have organizational issues

It’s difficult to expect much from a team that refuses to change its name to anything other than a racial epithet, but the Redskins somehow continue to disappoint fans with their willful ignorance of morality.

As if signing admitted child abuser Adrian Peterson wasn’t bad enough, Washington poured more gasoline on the fire in November by bringing in Reuben Foster just days after the 49ers placed him on waivers for assaulting his girlfriend.

The Redskins’ organization repeatedly proves itself to be devoid of any sense of right and wrong. They don’t mind taking the public relations hit if it means giving their team a chance to win more games.

In fact, the franchise’s Vice President Doug Williams doubled down on the signing by claiming that there are “people in high, high, high, high places who have done much worse.”

In his eyes, domestic violence isn’t great, but it’s definitely not as bad as other things. By this backward logic, as long as someone hasn’t committed the worst crime imaginable, then their actions can be immediately forgiven if they have enough talent. At this rate, the Redskins are about two weeks away from giving Ray Rice a call.

Williams has since backpedaled on his comments, but it’s far too late. His team has proven time and again that they have no interest in anything other than the win-loss column.

In fact, executives didn’t even bother contacting the Tampa Bay police regarding the domestic abuse incident prior to putting in a claim for Foster. Whatever actually happened in that hotel several weeks ago is unimportant for those in the Washington front office. When they heard about the assault and San Francisco’s swift release of the 24-year-old, they only thought of how it could benefit them.

Plus, it’s not like this is Foster’s first brush with the law. This latest fiasco is the third time he’s been arrested in 2018. It’s hard to believe that this guy is going to learn from his mistakes, especially when he’s been picked up by a playoff contender less than 72 hours after everything happened. All in all, he could end up benefitting from this situation down the road.

Men who viciously attack women and children should not be given the chance to make millions of dollars, regardless of their skill level. No one is saying that their lives should be over, but they should not be granted the opportunity to continue to bask in their fame and fortune once they use their brute strength to intimidate or hurt those who cannot defend themselves. The league is currently considering what to do with Foster, but it’s also on the 32 franchises throughout the league to ensure that players know the consequences for these actions.

When the 49ers found out about Foster’s arrest, they had no qualms about letting the former first-rounder go.

When the Chiefs saw the ugly Kareem Hunt video, they swiftly cut the Pro Bowler before the end of the day. Teams around the NFL are sending the message that they will not put up with domestic violence. That is, aside from the Redskins.

They welcome violent castoffs from other teams, offering them a chance to win despite their sin. They are purposefully harboring a culture of degeneracy centered around players who just can’t keep themselves out of trouble.

Don’t be surprised if they pick up Kareem Hunt before the end of December or try to lure Urban Meyer away from Ohio State after the season ends.

Fans can at least find some solace in the fact that even with all of these controversial players, the Redskins could still miss the playoffs. Washington sold its soul in order to win the division. That could still happen, but there’s also a chance they might finish in third. This is, of course, due to the fact that their starting QB Alex Smith and backup Colt McCoy are both out for the season with gruesome leg injuries.

Some have suggested that the Redskins should have at least thought about bringing in Colin Kaepernick, who has had a much better career than McCoy and was a play away from winning a Super Bowl. Domestic abuse is one thing, but protesting police brutality is completely unacceptable for this franchise.

Maybe if Kaepernick had beat his children or assaulted his girlfriend, then they would gladly take a chance on him. What else would one expect from a team that refuses to change its name from “the Redskins?”

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