High-net-worth people are invited to use these credit cards

Matthew Nunez

Credit Fundamentals covered premium travel reward credit cards in Issue 5. This issue will get into credit cards for high-net-worth individuals.

For these cards, a net worth above seven to eight figures is required, so plan for these cards later on in your career. All additional prerequisites — good credit score and history — will also apply.

1. American Express Centurion Black Card

American Express Co. issues one of the most infamous cards in popular culture, known as “The Black Card.” Officially the American Express Centurion Black Card, it has a $10,000 initiation fee and $5,000 annual fee. This card is not for the faint of heart.

Additionally, this is an invite-only card, meaning you need to catch Amex’s attention to be invited to apply. Some people theorized this requires an annual spending with an Amex Platinum Card of $250,000 per year on the low end and over $1 million on the high end.

The Amex Black Card has some hefty benefits, too, such as a $3,480-value Equinox All Access Gym Membership and $1,000 in store credit at Saks Fifth Avenue. It also comes with three premium statuses: Delta Platinum Medallion by Delta Air Lines Inc. for flights, Hilton Diamond by Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. for hotels and Hertz Diamond by Hertz Corp. for car rentals.

These are in addition to the benefits of the Amex Platinum Card, such as access to Centurion Lounges. The real value of this card, however, lies in its concierge service.

Want a front-row seat to a sold-out event? Done. Reservation to the most exclusive restaurants in New York City? Done. How about requesting quotes on concept cars? Or having a private jet whisk you away to Paris, all while sipping champagne in the air? Done and done.

For the few that have these crazy requests, the Amex Black Card will be worth every penny.

2. JPMorgan Reserve Card

JPMorgan Chase & Co. issues the JPMorgan Reserve Card. With an annual fee of $595, it may be much easier to stomach than the Amex Black Card.

But the benefits do not stack up compared to its Amex counterpart. In fact, the card’s benefits are identical compared to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. To qualify for this card, you must have over $10 million in assets with JPMorgan Private Bank.

The card itself is made of precious metals, consisting of palladium, titanium and 23-karat gold. Due to it having the same benefits as the Chase Sapphire Reserve, this card is essentially for bragging rights and does not provide much in terms of value.

Invite-only cards require either astronomically heavy spending, or a net worth of at least eight figures. There’s not many invite-only cards out there, often shrouded in secrecy. The value of these cards can sometimes be intangible, and you may have to see “what else” you get as a cardholder.

The next issue will talk about a much more achievable credit card, business credit cards.