Met Gala Recap

Samantha Sollitto

From a giant cat costume to a dress made entirely out of pearls, the Met steps have officially seen it all. Anna Wintour’s glamorous Met Gala is one of the biggest nights of the year for designers, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. However, the most pressing challenge that arises every year comes in the form of a single question: were they on theme?

This year’s theme was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” created after the late designer Karl Lagerfeld. Some of his work included the infamous pearls and tweed that have become staples in the Chanel brand.

Anne Hathaway took to the carpet on Monday and truly embodied the theme in a tweed Versace and Bulgari floor-length gown with a slit gracefully going up the side of her torso, pinned together with an assortment of pearl and gold baby pins.

Florence Pugh took a different approach to the theme by not following it at all. Wearing a white Valentino A-line gown with a U-shaped cut out in the middle of her torso with the dress top held together by a floor-length black bow, Pugh looked more like she was wearing a bed sheet rather than a red carpet ensemble.

The most interesting thing about her look was her buzz cut and feathery headpiece, and even that was not interesting enough for the Met Gala.

Dua Lipa played it safe in Chanel Couture and sported a white tweed ball gown with a glamorous Tiffany & Co. necklace. While the look was certainly on theme, the dress was quite boring and there was nothing much to it.

Billie Eilish stepped out in a Simone Rocha sheer black gown with beads and ribbon hanging from the corset and sheer gloves to match. In an interview with Vogue, she noted, “I wanted it to be just kind of thrown, and kind of messed up.”

However, her idea of “messed up” must be quite different from the average person’s because the Rocha gown looked far from it.

Olivia Rodrigo graced the carpet in a black and white Thom Browne gown that consisted of a flowered top and strings as the skirt. The dress was certainly ambitious, but paired with her Betty Boop styled hair, it didn’t quite feel like a “best dressed” moment.

The most talked about moment of the night, however, was when a giant cat strolled up the steps, complete with realistic blue eyes and cat whiskers. Under the mask was Jared Leto, whose main goal was to resemble Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette.

Joshua Balster, project manager for the infamous costume, told The Guardian, “[Leto] was really pushing it. He wanted it to be like a real cat.”

While Leto may have achieved his goal, the cat costume seemed more like a creepy tribute to Lagerfeld’s personal life rather than his work as a designer. The actor also ditched the costume halfway up the steps and instead donned a black cape and suit that were extremely underwhelming compared to what he arrived in.

Finally, Kim Kardashian sported a Schiaparelli gown made almost entirely out of pearls. The top consisted of the gemstones draping around her like a necklace whereas the skirt had them hanging off a nude bodice.

The look, while certainly unique and on theme, was poorly executed. The bodice and undergarments she used to keep the pearls in the desired “dress” shape were visible from everywhere but the front. It seemed more like an ad for her SKIMS clothing line rather than a Met Gala ensemble.