USG Report: USG hosts Fall Festival


Laiba Hussain

Hey Bearcats! The Undergraduate Student Government hopes that everyone has been having a great start to their fall semester.

Fall Festival was hosted last Thursday in collaboration with the president’s office. It was part of USG’s Homecoming Program, led by Vice President of Campus Affairs Karen Guanga and her team.

Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the festival had to be moved to the Baruch College Athletic & Recreation Complex. Nonetheless, it was a huge success.

Students feasted on candy apples, popcorns, pretzels and waffles. There was also a wide variety of activities to choose from, from pumpkin picking, caricature drawing and fall-themed games.

It was amazing to see a stellar return to one of the biggest seasonal occurrences on campus, and certainly a memorable kick-off to Homecoming.

On Oct. 11, USG elected the last member, Karina Ordoñez, to the table, who will be serving as a representative senator.

The team is ecstatic to have Ordoñez on board, and eager to see what initiatives she will introduce this year.

USG will also be going away this Thursday to participate in our annual Leadership Weekend in the Poconos.

This year’s theme for the retreat is “identity,” as decided by the Office of Student Life.

The table is extremely excited to participate as squad leaders and to provide an enriching experience for everyone on this trip.

Activities will range from physical, such as ropes training and hiking, to mentally developmental, such as leadership workshops.

Lastly, USG will also be participating in the Board of Trustees hearing in Manhattan on Oct. 17.

I will be speaking alongside Executive Secretary Abdullah Mahdi and Executive Vice President Osvaldo Garcia about our positive experiences at Baruch thus far into our college careers.

Representative Senators Adriana Cuca and Kazi Noor will be providing their input via Zoom.

USG will also be showing solidarity to Hunter College’s protest of the demolition of the Brookdale dorms.

CUNY recently announced it is collaborating with the state of New York to build a Science Park and Research Campus in place of the Brookdale dorms.

The dorms are currently the only affordable housing option that Hunter offers, ranging from $6,455 to $9,144 a year.

USG hopes CUNY reconsiders this decision, not only for the sake of Hunter students, but for the entire CUNY community.

Until next time Bearcats!