Baruch should reopen its LGBTQIA Resource Center



The Editorial Board

John Jay opened a new LGBTQ+ Resource Center at the start of the semester to set aside a physical space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to come together and receive support.

The Center hosted a “Meet and Greet” event to provide students with information about its services on Aug. 30.

Baruch has its own space dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community in room 3-216 of the Newman Vertical Campus, however, its doors were closed at the onset of the pandemic.

Though the physical site is closed, Baruch’s Student Life website has compiled a list of on- and off- campus resources for both members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

While this is certainly helpful to students that lack resources catered to their specific needs, Baruch should follow in John Jay’s footsteps and reopen the physical space.

For many students, having a space in which they can openly express and navigate their identity has a massive impact on the quality of their college experience.

The knowledge that such a safe space exists can be comforting, particularly for students who do not have such safe spaces in their personal lives.

The Resource Center would also be a great space for LGBTQ+ students to access counseling, either in-person or virtually, as well as educational resources and health services.

Much like John Jay’s, Baruch’s resource center would serve as a hub for LGBTQ+ students to connect and receive formal guidance from faculty as they navigate the college experience.

The Ticker has reached out to the Office of Student Life for comment about the reopening of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and learned that plans are still unclear.