NYC Council launches investigation into claims of antisemitism in CUNY

Zora Rayson

New York City Council announced that starting June 8, it will investigate antisemitism in the CUNY system and at New York University for the first time.

CUNY Kingsborough’s Business Department chair, Jeffrey Lax, alleged that he faced a hostile work environment. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission substantiated all of his claims, CBS News reported.

“It is a religious belief for me and for many other people,” Lax said. “And they admitted they had events on a Friday night not to make sure Orthodox Jews — me — couldn’t come.”

Despite the substantiation of his claim, Lax said CUNY has still not addressed the hostile work environment.

On June 30, there was a hearing for faculty and student grievances regarding antisemitism. The chancellor was not present; he instead sent representatives.

A handful of CUNY professors, five of whom are Jewish, filed a lawsuit against CUNY. The suit, first filed on Jan. 12, aims to challenge a law that only gives public sector employees representation through their unions.

The Professional Staff Congress called the suit “meritless” and claimed it “is part of another round of lawsuits against unions coordinated by anti-union groups” in a statement shared with The Ticker. They also denounced antisemitism.

The chancellor declined to comment at this time.