CUNYfirst MyInfo app should be updated


Michael Burrows | Pexels

The Editorial Board

All CUNY students access important information, such as class schedules, textbooks, financial aid and more, through CUNYfirst.

The CUNYfirst website has recently been updated. CUNYfirst MyInfo, the complementary app, however, has yet to see a change.

Many students may not have access to desktops, laptops or any other resources besides their mobile devices.

Over 53% of children in the United States own a smartphone by the age of 11, while 84% of teenagers have a phone to themselves, according to a report by NPR.

Thus, making CUNYfirst accessible from a mobile device would help level the playing field, providing convenience to students whose only technological resource is their phone.

But for the app to be effective, it needs a makeover. CUNYfirst MyInfo has abysmal reviews on the app store, scoring a 1.6 out of 5 rating after 148 reviews.

One review describes the app as “garbage” that “should have been updated years ago.”

To find help, CUNY needs only to look within. Many students majoring in computer science and/or professors teaching related fields could be recruited to optimize the app.

Alternatively, the benefits the student body would reap from a well-functioning CUNYfirst MyInfo make it well worth it for CUNY to hire and pay for outside help to revitalize the app.