Omar Apollo releases long-awaited debut album ‘Ivory’ 


Warner Records press release

Cameron Modeste

After what seems like forever since musician Omar Apollo graced the industry with his presence, he released his long-anticipated debut album, “Ivory,”on April 8.

“Ivory” is the epitome of love — the album is a meticulous arrangement of songs dedicated to the undefinable emotion from the genius of Apollo.

Omar Apolonio Velasco, better known as Omar Apollo, is a Mexican American music icon in the making. His first encounter with stardom came in 2017. Six months following his  uploads of his music to Soundcloud, he released the breakout hit, “Ugotme.”

This overnight success was originally not supposed to be on streaming platforms, but after a $30 hand from a friend and some convincing, he uploaded it to Apple Music.

The song’s release was the first step in the Indiana native’s path to greatness. Since then, Apollo has released three EPs, multiple timeless songs and, as of recently, his debut album.

“Ivory” comes two years after the release of “Apolonio,” Apollo’s most recent EP prior to the Ivory era. The EP served as an introduction to Apollo’s versatility and its ambiguity showed the world what the artist is capable of.

This new album is about what love looks and feels like from the perspective of Apollo. “Ivory” allows listeners to see his many dimensions, showing his proficiency for music but also his undeniable potential.

This album captures the beauty of love and how one becomes a willing victim to the feeling. Despite regrets one may have with love, its beauty is undeniable.

“Ivory” has it all, from amazing features with artists like Kali Uchis and Daniel Caesar, to new experimental songs produced by greats like Pharrell Williams.

The album is a 40 minute pop album with all the songs having a life of their own. This collection of 16 songs takes the listener on a transcending experience.

The first single release from the album came in July 2021 with “Go Away.” This song also served as Apollo’s return to music, being his first release in almost a year.

Following the success of “Go Away,” Apollo continued his album rollout by releasing two backto-back collaborations from two current major artists in the industry.

The first is “Bad Life,” which features Uchis and is a song that feels like a message to an ex, telling them if they continue how things were prior, they will never grow. The amazing release was followed by “Invincible,” a beautiful song with a great message featuring vocal powerhouse, Daniel Caesar.

The lead up to the album featured the release of five singles, each one arguably better than the other. The songs were a taste of the different sounds on the album, and couldn’t have prepared the listener for the release of “Ivory.”

After a few listens to the album, a notable song that stood out was “Evergreen.” This song’s message is profound, as it isn’t about losing a love, but about the inevitability of loving someone and chasing the potential despite the probability of never being together.

The song also stood out because of its fluidity, regardless of the pronouns used, Apollo created a song that speaks to any and everyone.

Overall, “Ivory” is a beautiful body of work and a great debut album  the world hasn’t seen in a while. Over the years, one can see the growth in his artistry. Apollo chose to release “Ivory” at the right time.

The wait was well worth it.

“Ivory” is out now and Apollo is currently on his Desvelado Tour.