HSA fashion show serves good looks and doses of Asian cultures



Estelle Saad

The Hindu Student Association hosted its first “Asian Fashion Show” on April 1 to bring attention to the many different cultures of Asia. Each model wore a traditional outfit from the country that their family originated from and some waved small flags as they walked. The garments were all very intricate and elaborate, many embroidered and most floor-length. The first time the models walked down — cheered on by their friends and peers — they each went alone, but the second time, they marched in pairs.

Each pair added their own unique twist on their walk, incorporating dance moves or a subtle storyline to make things interesting for the audience.

Dakshatha Daggala, one of the models who participated in the show and chair of Clubs and Organizations of USG, remarked on how special the fashion show is in its representation of all of Asia.

“Usually when you think of Asian, you think of East Asian, and a lot of the time brown people are excluded, but this is an all-inclusive event. The show includes cultures from Vietnamese culture all the way to Afghani culture and this is a great way to show Baruch how diverse it is,” Daggala said.

The walls of the Multipurpose Room were adorned with flags from a variety of Asian countries. Each seat had a little goody bag on it, containing little candies and fabric flower petals. Around the stage were small flickering lights, adding to the image of a real runway. Samosas and veggie burgers were served to students as appetizers, and later there was a meal of sesame chicken, vegetables, rice and pasta.

Dance performances occurred throughout the event, each combining modern dance moves with pop-versions of Asian music.

One of the performers described her dance performance to a remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” as having an “Asian twist,” due to her more traditional dance moves and outfit.

The night was one of acceptance and pride of Asian culture.