Morgan Stanley appoints Zicklin grad Roger Trimble as managing director


Baruch College

May Khin

Baruch College alumnus Roger Trimble was appointed as managing director for investment bank Morgan Stanley, where he is the head of Wealth Management Portfolio Risk.

At Morgan Stanley, Trimble designs and maintains risk controls to supervise 15,000 financial advisors and clients worth $3 trillion in assets under management. He started his managing director position in January 2022 and previously served as executive director and vice president for Morgan Stanley—while leading a team of risk managers.

His name was displayed at Times Square by Morgan Stanley to congratulate his promotion to managing director position.

“Morgan Stanley treats managing director promotions as a sacred rite,” Trimble told Baruch News Center. “And as such, it is impossible not to be overcome by the significance of the event.”

He is an experienced risk professional and quantitative analyst with more than 10 years of experience in finance.

Trimble received his master of financial engineering degree from the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. He graduated from the Zicklin School of Business in 2009.

Before Baruch, Trimble graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering in 2001 at West Point Military Academy. Afterwards, he served as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

“I was in the finishing stages of officer training at Ft. Knox when 9/11 occurred, and overnight we transitioned from a peace-time to a war-time military,” Trimble said. “My first duty station was Fort Lewis, WA, where I served as a reconnaissance platoon leader in the 2nd Squadron of the 14th Cavalry Regiment.”

He commenced his armor training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and served in Iraq and Fort Lewis, Washington.

“We deployed to Iraq in 2004, running counterinsurgency operations near Mosul in Northern Iraq,” Trimble said. “During that time, I had the honor of supporting the first democratic elections in the country in 2005.”

He served as a captain and transitioned into his experience as a project manager in Long Island for a semiconductor manufacturer, where he grew his interest in financial markets, in 2006.

He decided to pursue an MFE degree, saying it was challenging to switch his career, but his experiences in the army pushed him toward pursuing his passion.

“I entered the program with a steep learning curve ahead of me,” Trimble said. “I am certain that if it were not for Dan [Stefanica, co-director of the MFE program] and the MFE program, I would not be where I am today.”

Trimble served as vice president and quantitative developer at a hedge fund company. Four years later, he was hired by Morgan Stanley.

He has extensive knowledge in multiple programming languages, algorithms and quantitative methods. He also served as a quant developer for a commodity trading advisor and long/short equity hedge fund called NuWave Investment Management. He worked as a project manager for Veeco Instruments from 2006 to 2008 after his service in the army.

Trimble earned certificates for Sustainability and Climate Risk and Certified Financial Risk Manager from Global Association of Risk Professionals. He has elementary proficiency in Chinese and working proficiency in Spanish.

“Baruch’s MFE program not only provided me with the background and tools necessary to succeed as a financial quantitative analyst, it provided the opportunity to begin a new career on day one,” Trimble said. “If I have been able to do it, anyone can.”