Four injured in deli shooting near Brooklyn College


The Brooklyn College Vanguard

Rachel Dalloo

Four people were injured during an Oct. 21 shooting outside Express Deli Group, located on Nostrand and Glenwood Road in Flatbush, blocks away from Brooklyn College’s Whitman Hall.

“We are heartbroken to hear that the incident has led to the shooting of four individuals and our hearts go out to their families and friends,” Brooklyn College Undergraduate Student Government Press Director Jana Taoube said in an emailed statement to The Ticker. “There were a few students on campus who heard the gunshots but, beyond that, thankfully, they were not exposed to the incident.”

According to News 12 Brooklyn, three individuals were shot in the leg and one person was shot in the hand. The New York City Police Department said that all of the individuals who were wounded were men in their 30s and their conditions are not critical.

The three men who were shot in the leg were taken to Kings County Hospital, while the person who was shot in the hand was taken to Maimonides Medical Center.

“There’s a lot of people that come here,” Monique Chandler-Waterman, a Brooklyn community advocate, said. “This is how we get to work. This is a busy area by the junction. So, this is very devastating, it’s very traumatic, because it’s not only the person that got shot, it’s the person that pulled the trigger.”

The NYPD stated that while the victims were standing outside of the bodega, the suspect arrived at the area of the shooting and opened fire aimed toward the store.

The perpetrators who had carried out the act are known to have an extensive criminal past, according to ABC 7 NY. However, there were no arrests made in relation to the attack immediately after.

The NYPD described the suspects as being “uncooperative” and gave off signs as being the “intended targets.”

According to the Brooklyn College Vanguard, incidents concerning shootings are now down to 52% in comparison to last year.

It went from approximately 25 to 12 cases in the 70th precinct, located not too far from Brooklyn College, according to NYPD CompStat.

The location of the shooting neighbors the 67th precinct, where approximately 44 shootings have already occurred this year.

Fouad Altaffi, a history major at Brooklyn College, shared his opinion on the news with The Ticker via a Google Form shared on social media.page1image42908288 page1image42906560 page1image42903680

“I’m getting mad because there’s no tight security around the campus,” he said. “It’s a college campus there should be security around its students should not feel insecure and so we need more police officers on duty around the premises.”

Following the shooting, it has been reported that the suspect fled the scene and headed toward the subway. The police stated that the suspect managed to escape.

“We thank our campus safety for doing a wonderful job at keeping students and administration safe and thank our law enforcement for keeping your community as safe as it can be,” Taoube said. “Of course, this incident has opened more conversation about how to best utilize campus security and how we can improve security on campus to ensure that our students remain safe.”

It is still unclear whether this incident is gang-related or not.