USG Report: USG values Baruch’s diversity


Courtesy of USG

Richard Reyes

Our team here at the Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College values diversity.

During our election campaign last semester, we wanted to ensure that our student representatives would embody the students of Baruch. While there is always room for improvement, we made sure that we had students from varying groups that would contribute to making equitable changes for Baruch.

Our programming schedule for the semester is well-rounded with social and educational events. This month, Vice President of Campus Affairs Erika Cumbe and Vice President of Academic Affairs Osvaldo Garcia are hosting two events focused on immigration resources.

Cumbe will be hosting the “Campus and Law Resource” event for the second year on Oct. 21 at 12:30 p.m.

At this event, we will be joined by Sosa Law, which is a law firm that offers free immigration consultations. The event will provide more information on how to access this amazing resource.

Additionally, we will be joined by Assemblymember Catalina Cruz who is a former “Dreamer” and an advocate for immigration rights. Finally, we will have a few student speakers who will share their experiences.

This event is open to all students; we all must show up as allies to learn more about how we can support each other.

The second event will be hosted by Garcia on Oct. 21 at 5:00 p.m. It will be based on fellowships and scholarships.

Osvaldo has prepared an informational event where he will have speakers and an array of resources for all students.

Later this month, Representative Senator Damani Heywood will be hosting a virtual self-defense course with the Center for Anti-Violence Education. This event will be during the last week of October. More information about itwill be posted later on Instagram @USGBaruch.

We hope to continue creating these impactful events. The accessibility of resources is extremely important not only at Baruch, but in our communities. One of our main goals for this year is to amplify the resources that students have at their disposal whether it be with mental health, immigration or academic help.

If you ever don’t know where to find a resource, feel free to email me at or send a message on Instagram.