New artist Holly Humberstone shares inspiration and honesty with EP


Bygone | Wikimedia Commons

Rebecca DiSaverio

As a new artist, it can be worrisome to put music out into the world. Holly Humberstone put out her first single right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The only way to connect with fans was through a virtual platform. Along with many artists, Humberstone lost the chance to perform live and get her voice heard.

Humberstone is a 21-year-old musician signed with Interscope, the same label that has artists like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. Her second EP, “The Walls Are Way Too Thin” comes out on Nov. 5, and as she gets ready to release it, she is performing on her near-sold out tour throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.

Humberstone’s environment as a child had an impact on her creativity level as herparents always supported her creatively and gave her reinforcement when she was writing songs.

“Use this messy house as your creative space, and use all the rooms to do art and to do music and to make up dances and do plays,” she said via Zoom to The Tulane Hullabaloo during a press conference with Universal Music Group’s 1824 on Sept. 22.

Humblerstone’s experience and what she is going through in her personal life is the basis for her music. Janset Yasar, a reporter for Tonitruale, asked about her comfort with this transparency.

“I can’t really filter myself in my music, and I kind of have to be completely honest because that’s how it helps me the most,” Humberstone told Yasar. She believes this is why so many fans follow her music; because they can relate.

Humberstone tries her best to give honest music as an outlet for herself and her fans. She described her music as brutally honest, moody and funky.

“Lyrically, for the rest of the tracks that you haven’t heard yet, I was in the same headspace throughout the time I was writing the whole EP,” she said to a reporter from The Music Room.

While writing this EP, she moved away from her family, which caused separation anxiety. As a result, Humberstone felt like she was in an isolated place that she had never experienced before.

“Going into the studio to write was my only comfort space, and that’s kind of where all the EP came from.”