USG Report: Welcome to the fall 2021 semester


Courtesy of USG

Alison Lee

Welcome back everyone for the fall 2021 semester. I hope everyone has had a great start to the semester. The first week is always a little hectic, whether on or off-campus, but I know we’ll all get through it together.

If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government as we are always here as a resource for any Baruch needs.

We started the school year with our annual Convocation Day where we were welcomed with wonderful speakers, including our First Year Text Author and Baruch Professor Bridgett Davis.

I was honored to make a speech myself to welcome in our class of 2025. I know you’re all ecstatic to have a chance to be back on-campus and I hope we can make this year fantastic for all of you.

The Convocation was followed by a week of amazing events hosted by our very own USG and all the amazing departments and staff at Baruch.

One of my favorite events was “Staying in Balance,” where people were able to come together with the Baruch College Counseling Center staff and practice implementing daily self-care and s stress-management techniques. As a reminder, make sure you’re making time to eat and stay hydrated throughout your day.

Our first Club Fair session, where we were able to meet the first half of our clubs from the categories of: pre-professional, honors, Greek letter, academic and special interest, went wonderfully. You can check out the rest of our clubs at the second Club Fair  on Sept. 2.

USG will also be at the second Club Fair so if you’re interested in joining or just have any questions, feel free to stop by.

As we all start getting into the groove of things, here are just some helpful tips that guided me along my first couple of years at Baruch:

First, organize your schedule. Everyone preaches this and yet no one acts on this until it’s too late. It’s important to organize in a way that works for you; no one way is fit for all.

I like using a calendar app as well as the sticky notes app on my laptop.  Others may prefer a physical planner or even a Microsoft Excel sheet. Whatever works for you is right, but it may take some time to figure out what that is exactly.

Second, make your mental health a priority. With everything going on in the world plus personal issues and having to attend college — it’s rough. But you are not alone. Everyone has felt a little bit of anxiety or imposter syndrome but I want to emphasize the importance of taking a break and letting yourself breathe.

Lastly, have fun! At the end of the day, this is just another chapter in your life and memory to experience. Get involved by joining clubs, making friends and finding your passions. . This is your chance to explore who you want to be.

If you ever feel lost on campus, USG will be at the Tiki Booth on the 2nd floor of the New Vertical Campus to answer any of your questions regarding campus, facilities, directions or just to chat in between classes. We also have a wonderful survival guide filled with all the information you need to know about Baruch.

I wish you all the best of luck going forward.