USG Report: VP of student affairs secured more student resources


Courtesy of USG

Briana Staten

The Undergraduate Student Government has been trying to provide students with access to more resources to help them make the most of their distance-learning college experience.

Yam-Yu Li, USG’s vice president of student affairs, has worked extremely hard in doing so by reaching out to various offices to determine what services they could provide to students

Last semester, USG was able to collaborate with a few offices such as Peers Advocating Wellness Services, the Starr Career Development Center, the Student Academic Consulting Center and the Study Abroad Office to raise awareness of their services and resources.

Over winter break, Li continued to reach out to offices and was able to compose an updated list with resources.

To showcase this finalized list, Li and her vice chairs organized an event called “Bearcat’s Resource Farming Guide: The Definitive Quarantine Edition” on Feb. 18.

Her motto was “Get your money’s worth,” which I think is super important. Since we are still students paying tuition, we must utilize these resources.

Li’s team was also able to reach out to the Office of New Student and Family Programming to share this event with incoming first-year student seminar classes. This allowed newly admitted first-year students to see all the resources offered at Baruch College.

At the event they focused on five main areas, which were academics, career, mental health, finances and other.

The offices mentioned under academics include: the Academic Advisement Office, SACC, the Writing Center and the Study Abroad Office.

For career advisement, it was recommended that students visit Starr and the Weissman Center for International Business Internship.

For mental health resources, they included the Counseling Center, the Office of Health and Wellness and PAWS.

For student assistance in finances, the Bursars office was included.

Lastly, the “other” category included Student Disability Services and the International Student Service Center.

Each office mentioned also described the services offered, how to visit them virtually, how to connect with them on their social medias, how to book an appointment with their offices and where to find their websites for more information.

As someone who is currently a junior, attending this event allowed me to learn certain things about the offices I didn’t realize before. I would recommend every student, regardless of what year they are, to look at this resource guide.