Speedy Recap: The Flash Season 9, Episode 5



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Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant

Episode five of “The Flash” titled “The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2” concluded the series’ final two-part storyline and the season’s “Rogue War” story arc. The recent episode brings viewers closer to the end of the fan-favorite Arrowverse television show. Red Death is the season’s most notable big bad villain and with the help of her Rouge team, continues wreaking havoc on Team Flash and Central City.

In part one of “The Mask of the Red Death,” we saw the villains seemingly triumphant and heroes making tough choices. Part two centered on the continuation of the Red Death’s attack on Central City. Viewers find both Barry and Iris coming up with a plan to defeat the evil speedster for the last time and Barry faces a mistake from his past that is connected to the current crisis.

The episode picks up from the last one right when the Cosmic Treadmill is destroyed  evoking Red Death’s anger. Consequently, she decides to go on a rampage. Red Death and her Rouges invade the Central City Police Department, declaring war on the city by defeating the police force and holding Captain Kristen Kramer hostage.

Meanwhile, at STAR Labs Allegra expresses her frustration at Team Flash for leaving Mark behind, while Hartley and the rest of the Rouge Squad defend their choice to save Barry instead of him. Barry is still recovering after being forced to use the Cosmic Treadmill. Cecile successfully uses her powers to find the Red Death, and also discovering where Mark is being held captive.

While debating on whether Mark should be saved, Khione intervenes and shows her courageous impulse to save Mark. The scene shifts to a conversation between Joe and Cecile; Cecile notices that something is bothering him emotionally.

Back at CCPD, Red Death manages to hack into the department’s satellite and uses it to control the city, while also upgrading her suit. This upgrade allows Red Death to send her avatars all over the city to set up a form of control over Central City.

Later, Khione announces that she wants to go save Mark, but Barry intervenes out of fear of losing her. The Flash, along with the reformed Rouges, try to rescue Mark but fall into a trap.

The Red Death takes the rest of the Flash’s Speed Force and reminds him of a mistake he made three years ago involving Gorilla Grodd, a former enemy of his. After the Crisis of 2020, Gorilla Grodd lost his sentience and his tribe, which led him to team up with the Red Death. This makes Barry’s life challenging, and the episode began to give viewers the impression that the Red Death will prevail and take over the timeline.

Team Flash rescues Mark and afterwards they debate their plans to stop the Red Death.

With powerful themes such as insecurities and helplessness at the episode’s forefront, Barry and Joe have one last heart-to-heart talk in which both express their insecurities and helplessness over not being able to save their loved ones. Joe tells Barry he cannot help Team Flash and that he considered moving with his family. After Joe divulges his grievances of being “useless” to the team, Barry tells him he is family and reassures his “father” that he is more important than he knows.

The talk helps Barry, who remembers that he once convinced Grodd that he could be a hero, and has faith to do it again. Flash encounters Grodd, who concludes in the Gorilla being “a hero” the Earth needs and gives Flash part of Speed Force that was given to him in their last encounter. The Flash restores his powers with Speed Force and goes to face Red Death.

Flash and Red Death engage in a final showdown. Just as it seems that Red Death is winning, allies appear to aid the Flash, including the Rouge Squad—but they are not enough.

As Red Death claims victory Gotham City’s missing protector, Batwoman, the original Ryan Wilder, appears. The Gotham Knight and the Scarlet Speedster team up and defeat the Red Death, ending her reign of terror for the last time.

In the battle’s aftermath, the episode ends with the West-Allen family and their friends having a farewell party for Joe. Joe expresses gratitude for his family and makes a toast to future good times. Mark feels out of place, and Barry reassures him that he is now part of Team Flash.

Iris begins to feel lightheaded, and Khione drops the major but long-awaited bombshell to the team that Iris is pregnant with her and Barry’s first child.

Only eight episodes of the final season remain until Flash fans must say their goodbye to the Scarlet Speedster and the rest of Team Flash. Episode six of season nine’s The Flash will be premiered on March 15.