Women's History Month Committee plans events

The Women’s History Month Committee met on Feb. 14 to discuss plans for Women’s History Month in March. Led by Assistant Director of Student Activities Crystal Tejada and Activities Advisor Josephina Ragon, the meeting served as an opportunity for collaboration on events for the month between students and the Office of Student Life.

Event ideas that were mentioned during the meeting included a film screening, a self-defense class and a “wellness evening” of yoga and Zumba that would serve as the month’s closing ceremony.

The committee also plans to have an outside speaker come to the college to host a workshop for students. Tejada is in contact with Katherine Siemionko, the lead organizer for the “Women’s March on NYC,” that took place on Jan. 21.

Tejada believes that Siemionko could serve as a positive role model to students. “She is a great example of a woman working in corporate America that is empowering other women to fight for their rights while still being a working woman,” wrote Tejeda in an email.

“She is juggling so much right now and still finds the time to support others; I think she is so exemplary and can be of great inspiration to the women in the Baruch community.”

A few confirmed events that will take place during the month are run by individual clubs. The FemCode—a club focused on supporting women who wish to enter fields related to science, technology, engineering and math—is hosting a panel involving women professionals in STEM fields. Meanwhile, the Thespian Club will hold its “Melody of Musicals” event to coincide with the month, performing songs from movies and musicals alongside the Baruch Blue Notes, an a capella group.

The theme for this year’s “Melody” is set to be female characters from films produced by The Walt Disney Co.

One of the final aspects of Women’s History Month that was decided at the committee meeting was the month’s theme. After some deliberation, the committee decided the theme would be “Women: Empowered, Unified and Innovative.”

This plays off the national theme for the month: “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business.”

Tejada hopes that the month can help students appreciate the women in their lives and celebrate women’s accomplishments and contributions in the world.

Women’s History Month, asserts Tejada, is a time to reflect on how women’s contributions to society has moved not only themselves, but their families and their countries forward.

Tahmina Osmanzai, a student committee member for Women’s History Month, explains her own connection to the month and why she chose to be a part of its planning.

“For me, being a woman in today’s world is more of a struggle than it should be, and I feel like embracing part of who I am—a woman—is important. So in order to do that, I try to join things and be part of things that help me embrace my womanhood,” said Osmanzai, a psychology major.

The events for Women’s History Month are scheduled to run all throughout the month of March.

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