Women's History Month commences with lobby event


Women's History Month commenced with a celebration of the strength of women, as well as activities, food and giveaways. Photo by Calvin Rong.

Baruch College kicked off Women’s History Month with an Opening Ceremony event on Thursday, March 2, during club hours. The event’s aim was to celebrate the strength of women. Students who attended enjoyed desserts, fun activities and giveaways.

Josephina Ragon, the activities adviser at the Office of Student Life, explained that the idea for this event originated by wondering about how the event could be implemented based on past activities.

It was decided that this could be done on the second floor lobby to catch the attention of Baruch's commuter student population and tailor to the school’s fast-paced environment.

Ragon revealed that she would have weekly committee meetings with students from various clubs. They would brainstorm on how to dedicate the month to women and stressed the importance of the celebration.

“We want to take this opportunity to commemorate women because we have a minority in society,” said Ragon.

She continued by saying that the inspirational women that she looks up to are her mother and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth, disclosing that her mother has sacrificed so much and that Truth was influential as an abolitionist during slavery in the United States.

Akim Charles, a computer information systems major, shared the same thoughts as Ragon, explaining that women have been fighting for equality throughout time and are just as capable of accomplishing what men can. He mentioned that he is inspired by his mother who grew up in poverty but became a successful woman who provided for him.

At the event, students were encouraged to answer the question, “Why should we celebrate women?” on a billboard. The written responses included “Because they are empowering,” “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me” and “Why not? We are awesome.”

Carlos Avila, a digital marketing major, said that there are few females who hold positions in government and he believes that women deserved to be treated like any other worker.

“That is why I like Ellen DeGeneres because the way she treats people is so unique. She rises above the differences,” he said.

Others said that it is important to bring awareness to Women’s History Month because women are stuck in the background sometimes, even though they can be masterminds.

The event reflected how women can defy boundaries and work hard while rocking it.

“I took dance and I felt uncomfortable in class because I was the only woman of color. I love Misty [Copeland] because she does something out of love, not because she is a woman. She is so pure-hearted,” said Jasmine Lewis, a journalism major. Lewis looks up to Copeland, a woman who became the first African-American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

Students were offered pins and enjoyed treats such as brownies, cupcakes and Starbucks coffee.

“The pins are cute and the food is an added bonus,” said Susy Camacho, a marketing major and representative senator in the Undergraduate Student Government. “This events brings awareness so we can come together and make a difference.”

Students were further encouraged to pose in the photo booth holding pictures of women such as artist Frida Kahlo, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, Senator Elizabeth Warren and tennis players Selena and Venus Williams.

Ragon concluded the event by saying that the committee hopes to give women a voice.