‘Winter Wonderland' promotes holiday spirit


USG's 'Winter Wonderland' featured competitive events, a photo booth, seasonal decorations and other attractions. Photo by Agata Poniatowski.

The Undergraduate Student Government held its annual end of the Fall semester party, “Winter Wonderland,” on Dec. 8 in the Multipurpose Room. The event lasted from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Students lined up outside of the Multipurpose Room well before the event started. Once inside, students were encouraged to partake in a buffet with non-alcoholic drinks, with a separate section allocated for students over 21 years old to consume alcohol provided by USG.

The Multipurpose Room was decorated with strung-up lights, lit-up trees and small pieces of crushed plastic foam on the ground to imitate snow in an effort to support the holiday theme of the party.

According to Nicole Zelenko, vice president of Campus Affairs, “The aim of this party is to bring the entire Baruch Community together and commemorate the holiday spirit before students get busy for the finals week.”

The music was provided by DJ Charbel Wakim, whose music selection ranged from classic holiday songs to older hits to the latest rap and pop music. Students were able to dance throughout the duration of the event, at one point forming a circle where students gathered in the middle to breakdance.

One of the most popular attractions of the evening was the photo booth, where event attendees could get their photos taken with their friends.

The main activities of the party included students participating in competitive events, with a gingerbread house decorating competition and an ugly sweater competition being among the highlights.

Different clubs around campus participated in the gingerbread house competition, where a group of members from each participating club had to work as a team to decorate a gingerbread house.

Pre-built gingerbread houses were provided, and students were tasked with using their creativity to come up with different designs to represent their clubs on their house. After a set amount of time decorating, the best house was selected by USG.

The winners of this competition were the Hindu Student Association and the Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society.

The event also featured smaller contests for students, including a water bottle flipping competition, where students had to flip water bottles and have them land right-side up, as well as similar smaller games.

Individual students also had the opportunity to decorate their own gingerbread men. A table was set up with blank gingerbread cookies, along with bags of different colored frosting. Event attendees could decorate their cookies with the frosting, to either show friends or to eat.

The second competition after the gingerbread house decorating was the ugly sweater competition. Prior to the event, students were told to dress in ugly holiday sweaters in order to enter the contest. Interested students were then invited to flaunt their ugly holiday sweaters for the crowd, which added to the holiday spirit of the party. The winner of this contest was Plinio Buzato Jr, who dressed in elf ears, an elf hat and a sweater that featured a reindeer, snowflakes and lights.

Students ate, danced and drank late into the night, with the party only halting for the entire crowd to enact the popular mannequin challenge. The crowd was frozen for a quarter of a minute to participate in the challenge, which was set to rap duo Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles.”

Daniel Dornbaum, president of USG, asserted the benefits of having “Winter Wonderland.”

“[USG] tries to host our annual winter party to allow students to relieve any stress they may be feeling in the weeks before finals. We also tie it into our stress relief week that we will do during our actual finals week but it’s our big kickoff to that season. We also want to celebrate the many faiths that are present on campus. We want students to feel … that their backgrounds [are being] celebrated.”

For next year’s “Winter Wonderland” event, Dornbaum hopes that USG will double the already-high attendance of this year’s event.

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