'Winter Village' delivers holiday-themed fun

Golden Key International Honour Society at Baruch College hosted its’s holiday-themed “Winter Village” event on Dec. 7. The room was decorated with miniature trees and lights to create a welcoming ambiance, with the event in celebration of the holiday season — Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah were all emphasized. This event was largely held as the club’s last general meeting and as a send-off to members for the semester. With a handful of students rocking their holiday-themed ugly sweaters, it was as if finals were finished and the semester had ended.

The event began with a short icebreaker that grouped students and prompted them with questions to be asked to the fellow students. After, the e-board made announcements highlighting the club’s opening positions in the upcoming Spring 2018 semester.

Then came games. The first game was a team-oriented gift-wrapping game, in which teams of two wrapped awkward shaped presents. One of the team members was blindfolded and the other had the task of directing the others hands to wrap, and the winner received a Starbucks gift card.

The another game was a “whisper challenge.” This game involved a team of five passing along a holiday-related message without being able to hear one’s other teammates. Winners also received a gift card.

The excitement of the event continued as the third game got started. Similar to the last game, teammates had to work together to pass the message from first to fifth teammate, with participants drawing the prompt. Games of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” were also played., with the winning team being awarded a Starbucks gift card as well.

The “Winter Village” event ran smoothly and was a great experience for newcomers and regular members alike.

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