WICC shares Caribbean culture during ‘Cultural Explosion’


The West Indian Culture Club hosted its “Cultural Explosion” event as part of Baruch College’s “Caribbean Week ‘Back to The Islands’” festivities. The event took place on May 10 during club hours and consisted of eating, dancing and listening to traditional Caribbean music.

Caribbean Week kicked off with an opening ceremony called “Monday Madness” and continued on to the next day with a food fair that gave students a taste of the unique cuisine belonging to each Caribbean island. Another event held during the week was “Wild N’ Out,” a Caribbean-themed improvisation comedy show accompanied by music.

The closing event of the week was “Back to the Islands,” which boasted live music by DJ Doe and was hosted by Biggz the Party Prince.

As explained by WICC president Kalifa Chapman, the major goals of Caribbean Week’s events were to change perspectives about the Caribbean, informing people that the Caribbean is formed of many islands and that it is “much more than just beaches.”

Club treasurer Danae Henry added that the club hopes the festivities will “spread Caribbean culture and awareness around campus.”

The week honors and celebrates 44 years of Caribbean culture at Baruch.

For the “Cultural Explosion” event, members of WICC wore traditional costumes covered in colorful feathers and sequins with colors that corresponded to specific islands in the Caribbean.

The members danced around and invited audience members to join in on the fun.

The club served a variety of Caribbean foods including hot dishes as well as fruits. Coconuts were cut and handed out to students to drink, and mango and sugar cane were also distributed. The tables were adorned with the flags of the numerous Caribbean islands.

The music that was played included music genres such as Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Dancehall and Kompa.

Henry explained that the different music types, just like the colors, are particular to certain Caribbean islands.

The week’s events were put together by the Caribbean Student Association, the Student Organization of Caribbean Appreciation, the West Indian Culture Club, the Undergraduate Student Government and the Office of Student Life.