WIB's ‘Pink and Denim Day' sees presidents pied for a good cause


Coming up the escalator to the second floor, Baruch College students were greeted by loud music and their peers clad in pink and denim clothing selling cupcakes, brownies and cookies. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to do their part in bringing awareness, Baruch’s Women in Business organization and its cosponsors hosted “Pink and Denim Day” to fundraise for and raise awareness of breast cancer.

The event, which was held on Oct. 11, included a Sweet Tooth Booth with both homemade and store-bought goods and a raffle sponsored by Insomnia Cookies and Waffles and Dinges. All the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society, specifically toward research into the cause, prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

The fundraising goal for this year was to reach a minimum of $1,500. The goal was based off the total donations made in October of the previous year.

The largest crowd of the day formed during the “Pie the President” activity, during which presidents from various campus organizations volunteered to have pies thrown on their faces in exchange for donations.

Members of clubs bought pies for $3 each to pie their president. President of WIB, Caitlin Quain, received at least 15 pies to the face and her only form of protection was a raincoat with a hood to keep her clothes and hair from getting dirty. Co-sponsors, such as the United Sikhs Association, Golden Key Honor Society and MexiCulture, not only got to pie their presidents but also helped to promote the event by bringing in food to sell.

“Pink and Denim Day” is an annual event hosted by WIB to bring awareness to breast cancer while serving as a form of contribution to society.

“This day is really just about taking time during this month about breast cancer to give back to those who have been afflicted by it,” said Quain.

“I think that it’s important because we’re so busy all the time and there’s so many different things that we try to do as an organization, but this is really, truly a day where everyone, not just Women in Business members, can come together for a common cause: to raise as much money as we can, to help as many people as we can.”

This year was WIB’s sixth year hosting the event, which made it particularly special for some of the club members such as Vice President of Public Relations Ashleigh-Jo Hamilton.

"'Pink and Denim Day' is important to me because it’s a tradition in Women in Business. We’re all for the empowerment and improvement of women’s organizations, as well as of women in general,” said Hamilton. “I think that 'Pink and Denim Day' is a way in which we pay tribute to those around us who may be going through difficult times. It’s always a way for us to give back to women and girls all around the world.”

Students who stopped by the event enjoyed the array of desserts, but said they also got the sense that they were supporting a worthy cause.

“Women in Business is one of the biggest clubs at Baruch and I am close friends with almost all of the members,” said Irine Thomas, a sophomore majoring in biology. “I am part of the Hindu Student Association and we always co-sponsor their events, so it was a nice gesture to do. And we’re donating it to charity also, it’s a good cause.”

The day’s events were also meant to support those Bearcats who are currently fighting or have suffered from cancer, or those whose loved ones have suffered from it.

“My grandma actually had cancer and she passed away a few years ago from cancer, so I think cancer affects us all, whether you know someone closely or overall in the world,” said WIB’s half-year member Ashley Jodah.

“I think it reaches out to a lot of people.”

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