USG's ‘Welcome Week’ greets students with food and games


After a long winter break, Baruch College came back to a litany of events hosted by the Undergraduate Student Government.

The week was dedicated to upping the morale of our school community, as well as giving students a chance to meet new friends and find out about new clubs and organizations. “Welcome Week” spanned from coffee, tea and hot chocolate breaks to free food and a neon party.

On Monday, Jan. 29, USG brought “Cups and Cocoa” to the Newman Vertical Campus. This event was familiar to some, as USG hosted the same event last semester. Not only were they giving out free cups of hot chocolate, but students got to design and decorae their own mugs.

Following “Cups and Cocoa” was a “Tea Break” on Tuesday, Jan. 30. With the hustle of the Spring semester in full effect, it was prime time for a step away from the chaos to relax and catch up with some old friends, or even make some new ones. Yaya Tea, a local tea shop, supplied tea for the event.

The middle of the week left students hungry for more cool things to do at Baruch, and USG supplied on Wednesday, Jan. 31 with tots and totes. “Po-Ta-Totes” was a nifty name for the chance to eat food from Potatopia, a potato based food chain that specializes in all things potato.

Bringing the "Welcome Week" to a close, USG’s final event on Thursday night was a “Neon Night” party in the Multipurpose Room. This was a ‘90s themed party with neon games, such as glow-in-the-dark ping pong. The event brought the week to a close, and the semester to a beginning.

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