USG to boost school spirit with first homecoming


In a commuter school like Baruch, Student Life often tries to find new and inventive ways to boost school spirit and pride. Though it is considered a commuter school, Baruch College does not have a football field where students go to voice their school spirit. The campus merely extends from 22nd Street to 25th Street along Lexington Avenue.

Often, students scramble in the hallways of the Newman Vertical Campus, focused more on the business world at large than whatever Baruch may have to offer, which is more than the typical student may think.

In a collaborative effort by the Undergraduate Student Government and the Office of Student Life, the school will host its first Homecoming.

The event will celebrate student athletes and co-curricular student organizations to stoke excitement about being a part of the Baruch community.

Students are invited to attend Oct. 23 and embrace their school spirit regardless of their level of involvement in extracurricular activities.

The idea came together when a pumpkin-decorating event was held to celebrate the fall season at Baruch. Cherry Aung, USG’s vice presidential senator of campus affairs, together with Damali Smith, acting director of Student Life and Savanna Ramsey, assistant director of student activities, worked to create an event that would bring together the students, clubs and sport teams at Baruch. If the turnout is good, it may become an annual spectacle.

“I love the idea of homecoming and the spirit and sense of pride it fosters on campus,” Smith remarked. “The clubs and athletics teams bring so much to our Baruch community, and I think they deserve a day of recognition. I hope that this event can be the start of a new tradition.”

When asked about the wider implications of an annual homecoming instilling school spirit at a clock-in, clock-out commuter school, Aung said, “Maybe we’re not an athletics-oriented school but I see that in the future we could be.”

Aung added that raising awareness for an event of this scale—in the hopes of it continuing for years to come—has not been easy.

“I predict problems with attendance and hype … there is still a lot of room to grow,” said Aung.

The homecoming will commence during club hours on the second floor, where clubs will parade down to the Multipurpose Room and into the 25th Street Plaza. All clubs are encouraged to create their own banner and to have their members wear coordinated outfits reflective of their club’s identity. Each club has the opportunity to go onstage and introduce itself to the student population and take a group photo with all the club members.

The Baruch sports teams will close out the parade, which will be followed by cross-team competitions. Afterwards, students will be asked to vote for which club was the most coordinated, among other superlative categories. The winners of these votes stand to win several prizes, including a co-sponsorship prize.

After the parade and voting ,there will be fall-themed activities in which students can participate. The Fall Festival starts at 6:30 p.m. with line dancing led by an instructor. Later on, students over the age of 21 will be encouraged to participate in pumpkin painting and seasonal beer tasting.

A movie will be played out on the plaza to conclude the festival, and students will be given a pair of headphones to listen along, emulating the feels of a drive-in movie with a Baruch twist.

Rumored to be Halloween-themed, the movie has yet to be decided.

“One of my favorite things about student organizations at Baruch is how creative they are in their programming. I am excited to see how it goes this year and the shape it will take in the future,” said Smith.

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