USG senator resigns; two seats now left open

The Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government has now officially seen two table resignations, with Representative Senator Josue Mendez leaving on the evening of Nov. 7 and Treasurer Ehtasham Bhatti departing on Nov. 9.

Bhatti announced his resignation to the table during a senate meeting two weeks prior.

He made his leave official after the latest board of directors meeting. Mendez — who, similarly to Bhatti, mentioned work and academic commitments as a reason for leaving — announced his immediate resignation in private to the table and did not attend the Nov. 7 senate meeting.

Mendez, a senior, stressed his upcoming work as a major deciding factor in his resignation. He currently holds a job and a five-course academic load, along with an upcoming internship.

“I knew that I was not going to be a good representative senator with all this in mind. This position is better off going to someone who has the time, who has the passion, who has that drive to be a better representative senator than I do right now,” Mendez said in an interview with The Ticker.

Mendez also recounted issues with team synergy as a contributor. He explained that while everyone on the table is dedicated to completing their work, the absence of flourishing relationships with the rest of the table pushed his resignation.

“That was a big thing I had to consider when leaving the table: do I feel like this will get fixed sometime soon? Do I feel like I can work with this team to create something and, even in spite of all the things in my life, can I see myself still being a great team member with these other people? And I couldn’t see that, not to discredit anybody,“ Mendez said.

Mendez’s resignation was put into effect immediately and he will not be attending any remaining senate meetings, leaving his seat vacant until his replacement is elected. During the Nov. 7 senate meeting, Executive President Isabel Arias explained, with confirmation from the table, that USG will be pushing the elections for the previous open representative senator position and this new position to Nov. 21.

The previous representative senator position was opened after the confirmation of Suzanna Egan as the new USG treasurer. While the Tuesday follows a Friday schedule, the table agreed to convene on that day so they can elect the new senators in a more efficient manner.

The table hopes that this will help retain a higher number of applicants for both seats, rather than some candidates getting deterred if they do not make it during the first round of elections.

Issues about the strain of the still-vacant chair of appeals position have also risen. The table, however, is ultimately waiting for new senators to be confirmed before deciding who should be nominated and elected to this position. Emma Jorgensen, who was previously the vice chair of appeals, is currently holding the interim chair of appeals position until a senator is able to take her place.

In order to be considered for the position, a candidate must be available during the senate meetings on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and have a minimum 6-credit course load and a minimum 2.5 GPA. The candidate cannot currently be an executive board member on any club. A resume, a cover letter and a video are all needed for the application itself. Forms to apply for representative senator are currently on USG social media.

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