USG Report: USG greets students with Welcome Week

Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year! I must give a huge shout out to the Class of 2020 for joining the Baruch College ranks—welcome to the Bearcat pack! For all returning students, welcome back to your home away from home.Every single member of the student government is excited to embark on what promises to be an eventful year ahead. At Baruch, student life is more vibrant now than it has ever been. From the Plaza to the 14th floor of the Newman Vertical Campus, events for students occur on a daily basis and there is no shortage of fun activities that turn what is ordinarily referred to as a “commuter school” into a campus.

Adjusting to a new class schedule in the first weeks of school can be overwhelming but it is important to be cognizant of the “Baruch world” around you. Our athletic teams will begin hosting tryouts, clubs will conduct their first general interest meetings of the year and you will find plenty of opportunities to find your niche in our college community.

There has never been a better time to be a college student in New York City and, while the City University of New York educates over 500,000 students in its system, we all know the best ones call themselves “Bearcats.” As you look to the left and right in class, you will see the future leaders of our city, state and nation around you.

Here at the Undergraduate Student Government, it is our job to provide all undergraduates with a college experience they can fondly remember. In order to ensure this, we take on numerous projects throughout the year to cater to our diverse student population.

For students who are working full-time and are only on campus to attend classes, we work on improving campus facilities so that even a pit stop in the bathroom is a pleasant experience. For students who are paying for college on their own, we offer scholarships to help ends meet. For those involved in club life, we supply additional funding to turn a good event into a great one.

Have no fear if you do not directly fit into one of those categories as our initiatives are geared to benefit all undergraduate students and, of course, are open and available to all.

I have been a part of USG for three years. Each year, the organization has improved its relationship with the students by providing more and more ways to interact with and receive feedback from the students. I am excited to announce that this year I will be co-hosting a monthly radio show on WBMB Baruch College Radio with the president of Baruch College, Mitchel B. Wallerstein. Students will have the opportunity to tune in at, 94.3 FM or 590 AM and call in to the station at (646) 312-4726 to ask their questions as we will cover a wide array of topics.

If you miss the show, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet the entire team and share your thoughts or concerns with us. The first full week of school is Welcome Week, so there are plenty of opportunities to join in on the fun and acclimate to Baruch culture.

Join us on Monday during lunch to take part in some games on the second floor. On Tuesday, swing by the game room at noon on the third floor for some old-school arcade games and join us later in the day for our first senate meeting of the year in the USG conference room. On Wednesday, our entire student government will be down on the second floor to talk to you and give away a ton of free Baruch gear. You will be able to ask us about Baruch life and meet your student representatives. Thursday night we will send off summer with a huge party in the Multipurpose Room on the first floor.

Our team is eager to kick this year off right and we hope that you join us in all of our Welcome Week activities. If you are still away on vacation, do not worry; we have all year to meet. See you around the campus!

Daniel Dornbaum is the president of USG. He can be reached at His office is located at 3-272 in the Newman Vertical Campus.