USG Report: Students should urge BPAC to prioritize clubs

The performing and visual arts at Baruch College are often overlooked due to Baruch’s large percentage of business students. We are all aware that the college holds a reputation as a business-oriented school but over the past few months, the Undergraduate Student Government, along with student clubs and members of the Baruch administration, have made it a priority to highlight our student artists by fostering creative outlets for them to showcase their work.

Earlier in the year, USG re-established our Arts Committee, which has been leading this change. In early March, USG teamed up with the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences to put on an Art-A-Thon for all Baruch students. Activities spanned throughout the entire day and included art exhibitions in the Newman Library, student poetry readings and much more.

In February, USG teamed up with The Gender, Love and Sexuality Spectrum to put on the show The Last Five Years.

Student productions are not new to Baruch. Last year, directed by professor Dominique Plaisant, Baruch students preformed Rent to sold-out audiences in Mason Hall, our largest performance venue. Last week, USG hosted Baruch’s Got Talent, our annual showcase of student performing arts. Performances ranged from spoken word and modern dance to incredible vocals and instrumentals by all participants.

As the weather gets warmer, we will undoubtedly bring back our Chalk Drawing Festival and our outdoor pop-up performances.

Throughout the year, our clubs put on incredible performances as well. Many clubs host fashion shows featuring student designers, competitions with Baruch student performers and even performances by some of the hottest artists.

Clubs and performers try and take advantage of the Baruch Performing Arts Center but their budgets often do not allow them to fund shows to their best potential. At times, they cannot even book the space due to the prioritization of outside renters. USG works with clubs to fund these events, but often it is difficult for us to gauge how much they will need as they do not yet have the space reserved.

If we want to see our college become a space where all students have an outlet to express themselves artistically, we need further support from our partners in BPAC.

Offering discounted or free rates to student groups and prioritizing clubs over outside organizations would greatly help clubs and students channel their artistic abilities.

Daniel Dornbaum is the president of USG. He can be reached at His office is located at 3-272 in the Newman Vertical Campus.