USG holds Oct. 24 senate meeting

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government held its weekly senate meeting on Oct. 24, featuring presentations, appeals and the resignation of the government’s treasurer. The meeting started with Chair of Finance David Barros introducing the Baruch Roller Hockey Club. The club, which previously failed to have its last appeal approved by the board of directors, presented a slideshow to the table showing how it has been functioning for the past five years since its conception.

The Roller Hockey Club, because of its nature, operates completely off-campus. According to the club, they were denied practice and operations in Baruch’s Auxiliary Gym due to liability. The club, because of this, has no other place to practice and often only gets time in the rink during tournaments.

Though around 90 percent of the club’s budget goes to off-campus events, it has no cap on the number of people allowed to participate in games. While students may have to pay around $150 to $200 for equipment in order to play, the club maintains that it never rejects students. In league games, students are often switching on and off, with four players always in the rink. This system allows many students to participate.

Following the Roller Hockey Club’s presentation, Suzanna Egan, the chair of appeals, began her portion of the meeting. The Student Veterans Association, Thespian Club, the Bangladeshi Student Association and The Grid, among others, were presented with their appeals.

The Student Veterans Association, whose appeals passed, is sending three delegates to the Student Veterans National Conference in San Antonio, Texas for a four-night stay in the pursuit of professional development and networking. The delegates, after their stay, will be hosting a seminar on Feb. 8 that will be highlighting what they learned during their conference, in order to impart their knowledge and have as many students benefit from this experience as possible.

The Grid appealed for its “Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament” event — a 32-person tournament that the club hosts to help students de-stress.

The Thespian Club was also appealing for its upcoming large-scale production that is completely student-run in The Bernie West Theatre, dwarfing the size of its production last year. The club will be performing Next to Normal, and will have five performances from Dec. 4 to Dec. 8. There will be no admission fee.

BSA appealed for its second-ever “Mock Wedding” event, the largest event the club offers. The club was allocated money to secure decorators, who bring the design of a real Bengali wedding to Baruch. This year the bride will be Samia Jalil with the groom being Rahbir Haman.

Brandon Paillere, representative senator and chair of the newly chartered arts committee, gave the table a presentation about how he is structuring the committee. Paillere explained that his vision for the committee included “medium directors” in different fields — such as music, performing arts and fashion. The committee will be focusing these directors to work with pertinent clubs, as well as academic departments. These directors will also be required to host at least one professional event, serving as a helpful resource for artistic students within Baruch.

Jasper Diaz, USG’s University Student Senate delegate, presented two resolutions to the table, looking for senate approval. Ultimately, the table passed both of the resolutions, including a proposal for a CUNY-wide student activity fee revisionary task force, and a push for green energy alternatives in CUNY.

Following this, Treasurer Ehtasham Bhatti announced his resignation, effective Nov. 9. In his brief statement, Bhatti described the growing workload and issues he was experiencing with both his academic and social life, claiming that USG and student life would benefit from a better treasurer.

Following his resignation, the executive board nominated Egan as the table’s next treasurer — executive board vacancies do not operate in the same manner that senator or board vacancies do. Soon after, she was confirmed by a 14-1-2 table vote. The table then discussed advertising the representative senator seat that Egan would be leaving, which subsequently began the day after.

At next week’s meeting, the table will be voting in an alternate USS representative — a seat that lacked representation since the new USG was instated. The seat has nine prospective applicants thus far.

For more coverage of Treasurer Ehtasham Bhatti’s resignation and Chair of Appeals Suzanna Egan’s nomination, see page 5.

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