USG greets new students with Welcome Week


The Undergraduate Student Government hosted its semiannual “Welcome Week” event between Jan. 30 and Feb. 2, welcoming students to a new semester at Baruch with fun, games and prizes.

The week began with “Musical Monday,” where students were treated to musical performances by fellow Baruch students. Sponsored by  USG’s Arts Committee, Monday’s event also featured    a community art piece where students could write down their New Year’s resolutions and put them on display. “Treasure Hunt Tuesday” sent students scouring around the college as they looked for rooms and landmarks given to them by USG. Landmarks were chosen to give students more familiarity with the college and included spots such as club rooms and the media suite. Winners of the contest received prizes such as a Baruch-branded hat, sweatshirt and water bottle.

“Waffles & Wings Wednesday” provided free waffles and wings to all students. Waffles were provided by the popular waffle customization eatery Wafels and Dinges, with students being able to add toppings and ice cream to their waffles.

Wings were provided alongside the waffles, with a variety of sauces for students to try. Projections for student attendance at the event numbered over 175 students, an estimate that is based on the attendance numbers from a Wafels and Dinges event held during the Fall 2016 semester.

USG tabled on Thursday during club hours at the Office of Student Life’s “Winter Carnival” event. Throughout the event, USG members handed out free items to students, included T-shirts.

Later that day, USG revealed that there would be more giveaways during its “Tailgate Thursday” tabling event on the second floor lobby of the Newman Vertical Campus. Giveaways included buttons, rally towels, sunglasses and a USG-branded drawstring bag.

Students were encouraged during both tabling events to attend the 13th “The Battle of Lexington,” a yearly marquee athletic event where students can dress up to support the Baruch Bearcats basketball team.

This year’s event saw Baruch face Brooklyn College at the Athletic Recreation Center Arena. Baruch’s women’s basketball team was defeated by Brooklyn 69-65, while Baruch’s men’s basketball team lost 97-95 in overtime.

USG Secretary Joanne Beloy was optimistic about the giveaways and hoped USG could garner wider publicity for the game through them.

“This is definitely an opportunity for students that have later classes to get giveaways, because usually our giveaways happen during club hours,” said Beloy. “Hopefully these giveaways will encourage them to at least check out downstairs [and] go check out the game.”

Susy Camacho, a USG representative senator, explained the importance of having a “Welcome Week” event for students in the Spring semester.

“We have a number of students coming in [during] the Spring semester, so we try to ease them into all we have to offer on campus,” said Camacho.

She also highlighted some of the challenges that come with planning a “Welcome Week” event for students who attend a commuter school.

“Since mostly people are here Monday through Thursday, we try to plan most of our events [during] those times and we can’t really focus on Fridays. And we don’t have a football team, so we try to [highlight] whichever sports we have going on,” said Camacho.

As students picked up bags and rally towels for “Tailgate Thursday,” their excitement was palpable and their spirits were high—the hallmarks of a successful welcome back to college life.

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