USG elects D'Souza, Maddix, Windsor to senate


In the shadow of three resignations from the table during CUNY’s winter break, Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government elected three new representative senators to fill empty spots at the senate table. The 15 prospective candidates vied for the positions during the elections, which took place on Feb. 13, during a weekly senate meeting.

In addition to providing their resumes and a cover letter beforehand, candidates competed through quick rounds of introductions and then questioning by senators.

After the rounds, the table entered an executive session, which resulted in Aaron D’Souza, Carlton Maddix and Andrew Windsor II being voted in as the new representative senators for the remainder of the academic year.

The three candidates were chosen following a one-and-a-half hour deliberation, each voted in with full senate approval.

D’Souza, a first-year student at Baruch with an anticipated major in finance, was previously involved in USG in the Student Services Committee.

He first served as a committee member and later as a vice chair. As the table’s only freshman student, D’Souza notes a lack of involvement throughout club life and is primarily interested in pushing for a broader first-year student reach.

Maddix, a junior majoring in finance, was involved with USG for two years before taking a senate seat. In past years, he served as a committee member on the Legislative Affairs and the Clubs and Organizations committees, and served this year on the Academic Affairs Committee and the Arts Committee within its performing arts and photography departments.

Maddix is also closely working with Rep. Sen. Alexander Dimcevski in creating a feasible network and structure for international students, with the anticipation of helping them professionally both outside and within the United States.

Maddix stressed that his personal agenda as a representative senator is primarily to advocate for Baruch to subsidize the cost of online textbooks and other resources that emerge as large, hidden and necessary costs for students.

Windsor, a senior majoring in political science, was involved in USG throughout his Baruch career. During his first year, Windsor was a member of both the Public Relations Committee — an ad hoc committee that is no longer in existence — and the Student Services Committee.

As a sophomore, he served as a representative senator as well as a member of the Constitutional Review Committee, a committee he created. In his third and final year, Windsor joined The Ticker and worked as both a copy editor and as a USG correspondent.

In the two weeks preceding this election, Windsor ceased his engagement with The Ticker in order to prevent any conflict of interest. In his election to the table, Windsor has now officially departed from any internal involvement within The Ticker.

In his last three months, Windsor highlighted several topics he will be focusing on as a representative senator. Primarily, he hopes to push for an end to the school’s moratorium against fraternities, as well as to find a way to address the nation’s opioid crisis from within Baruch.

In addition, Windsor mentioned the concerns of fellow table members who cited discriminatory hiring practices within Baruch’s faculty staff and interest in following up with the concerns in order to verify their validity and to see if anything can be done about them.

Windsor also noted that USG spending is an area of interest for him. He believes that the way in which USG’s table members are allowed to spend money differs from the way clubs must justify or initiate spending, and he calls for a better system to monitor this spending.

D’Souza, Maddix and Windsor are all now officially serving members of the table, and the senate meeting this Feb. 27 will mark their first appearance as representative senators for the Spring 2018 semester.

“This Tuesday we have elected three new representative senators: Andrew Windsor, Aaron D’Souza and Carlton Maddix. We chose these individuals because each one of them brings with them a unique perspective and a different passion for the betterment of Baruch College — for all of our students. That being said, this semester we had such an amazing turnout in regards to our applicant pool, which was filled with extremely strong candidates. This made our decision very tough and I want to thank each and every applicant and encourage them to continue to stay involved in the Undergraduate Student Government and run for election this spring,” USG President Isabel Arias said in a statement to The Ticker.