USG addresses crowded rooms and construction

Congratulations! We have survived our first week back. I hope everyone liked their classes, attended the club fair, and enjoyed the Undergraduate Student Government’s Welcome Week events. For the weekly USG reports, I want to focus on Baruch College and CUNY-wide issues and how USG plans to help.

A lot of the elevators and escalators have been turned off. Baruch is not broken; we simply need to reduce the amount of electricity we are consuming. According to Con Edison, if New Yorkers between 14th Street and 31st Street don’t reduce their electricity usage, we may cause a brownout or a blackout in the area.

USG is making sure that we as students are reducing the amount of electricity used in the USG Suite at all times. We suggest that you go to class 10 to 15 minutes earlier to beat the crowd. We must remain patient and understanding.

The incoming class of Baruch students has increased by roughly 150 students. This is the largest first-year class we’ve had at Baruch in the last few years! Although there are going to be more crowded classrooms and packed escalators, USG is going to ensure we do crowd control at our events and try our best to reach even more students.

As you know, the 25th Street Plaza’s construction has begun. The plaza will be closed for another few years because we are trying to even out the sidewalk. USG will make sure we host events in areas other than the plaza in order to reach all students. We will have more pop-up events in random places — like the library or other floors in the NVC — several times during the week.

Due to their high quantity, clubs have to share their rooms with other clubs. As a result, there’s an increase in supplies and a decrease in storage for said supplies. Thus, we have decided to look into ordering storage bins for the club suites. This will ensure club rooms have space for their belongings, all while still having space for their members.

We’ve realized that a lot of students do not know where USG is. We will put up signs and will also look into changing the directory on the wall to make it easier for students to find us.

We are also looking into adding separation blocks for urinals to ensure that students feel comfortable, regardless of where they are.

On that note, I want to thank you for reading our first USG Report of the semester. Please feel free to voice any concerns you may have by stopping by or letting any senator know. I look forward to having a great semester with all of you!

Radhika Kalani is the president of USG. She can be reached at Her office is located at 3-272 in the Newman Vertical Campus.