US should not ban guns

Recently, there has been a wide-ranging discussion taking place concerning the Second Amendment in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. People are talking about school safety, gun control, mental health and the usage of AR-15s, just to name a few hot topics. There are a few solutions  that could make mass shootings more preventable, but banning certain guns or taking them by force are not options. People may assume that by taking guns like the AR-15 away, the issue of mass shootings will be solved. However, throughout history, guns have provided a means of self-defense.

The government must protect, not interfere with, citizen rights listed in the U.S. Constitution and particularly defined by the Second Amendment.

Citizens need AR-15s because such weapons are the only means to counter a government that may become too domineering. The government has tanks, nuclear weapons and fighter jets. Even with this advanced technology, the U.S. military could not win in Vietnam and has not secured victory yet in Afghanistan. People with Kalashnikovs, a far inferior weapon to U.S. armory, were able to deter a more advanced military.

AR-15s are especially under scrutiny because they are frequently used in mass shootings. An AR-15 is constructed to inflict maximum damage on a mass scale, but people do not necessarily need an AR-15 for everyday use. If the United States bans AR-15s, there will still be a possibility of mass casualties.

The solution to prevent any future attacks on the students of the United States is through stringent background checks and regulation. However, increased regulation may have an inverse effect, as criminals will then buy guns on the black market.

It is important to define what should be included in future background checks and proposed regulation to ensure maximum public safety. The Parkland shooting, despite being a tragedy, has sparked much-needed deliberation throughout the country.

Lawmakers must not rush to push through stringent regulations. Instead, more debate is needed to find an original idea that prevents mass shootings, rather than simply banning guns completely.

Gun-related violence in the United States is often compared with the violence in other countries, but unlike other nations, the United States is founded on a unique set of principles and amendments.

What may appear as a sensible compromise today may end up resulting in the ban of guns one day in the future. The sacrifices made by the men and women to protect and defend the liberties and rights of U.S. citizens cannot be forgotten when making amendment-altering decisions.

The U.S. Constitution must be protected at all costs. An offense against the Second Amendment is alarming, as it opens the door for increased alteration of fundamental rights for U.S. citizens. Stringent and frequent background checks will ensure that those with weapons are mentally stable. This is the first step to preventing further mass shootings. An incorrect solution would be to ban guns and demonize the NRA members as well as the mental health community.