Underage drinking may force ‘Baruch Bash’ into a 21+ only affair


This year, the Undergraduate Student Goverment is considering making “Baruch Bash,” an annual end-of-year party that is usually open to all students, only open to students aged 21 and up. This is because in previous years, underage students have shown up to the Bash drunk and in certain situations had to be taken out in ambulances.

During the Oct. 16 senate meeting, Executive Vice President Emma Jorgensen, who is in charge of planning this year’s Bash, explained that the event was originally for graduating seniors aged 21 and over but USG opened it up to all students a couple of years ago to be more welcoming.

However, because of how many ambulances have been called to Bash within the first couple of hours every single year, it is now an issue that has been taken on by members of CUNY Legal, who feel the need to intervene since they are liable for the safety of students.

Jorgensen said in an interview with The Ticker that after she heard CUNY Legal wanted it to be for students 21 and above, she brought the idea to the senate.

“The reaction was really negative because we’re spending student activity fees, so it needs to be open to all Baruch students, like, that is the definition of the student activity fees,” Jorgensen said.

Although Jorgensen does not know the exact reason why Bash was opened up to all students, she assumes it had something to do with the fact that financing the event used “a good portion of the student activity fees — renting the spaces normally cost $30,000, maybe more, so in order to do that it should be open to as many people as possible.”

With Bash being a Baruch tradition, Jorgensen said that everyone looks forward to this event. She added, “There are some sophomores on the table and people in my Bash committee who are not 21, so if they planned Bash, they would not be allowed to go.”

The table suggested various ideas, such as having a “Baby Bash” or using the CUNY database system to verify a person’s age so students do not use fake IDs. Dakshatha Daggala, chair of clubs and organizations, had asked in the meeting if USG can make Bash a non-alcoholic event, to which Jorgensen said no, “because the problem was the pregaming.”

After the Office of Student Life saw the reaction of the table, they had another meeting with USG and said they will revisit the issue.

As of right now, OSL is speaking to CUNY Legal about whether to keep the event open to all students or to make it an age-restricted event instead. There is no definite answer yet as to whether or not it will be for students aged 21 and above, or if USG and OSL will not allow alcohol at the event so all students can attend.

Jorgensen put the planning for Bash on hold as USG is still waiting for an answer from CUNY Legal.

The Ticker reached out to CUNY Legal and OSL but neither have responded to requests for comment.

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