Trump's presidency teems with egoism

Less than two weeks after being sworn into office on Jan. 20, President Donald Trump has already used his executive power to make pivotal changes in the United States and dismantle the nation’s public relations. Many hopeful U.S. citizens who have strongly opposed Trump since the announcement of his election were hoping that it would not be so easy for him to carry out his agenda through the government.

Throughout his campaign, Trump promised he would ban Muslim immigrants from coming into the United States, deport illegal immigrants and send them back to their countries, build a wall along the Mexican border and bring about many other changes to “make America great again.”

Perhaps unexpectedly, the country’s new president has wasted no time in signing various executive orders. One such orders withdraws the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which used to align the United States with 11 other nations in the Asian Pacific region and also eliminated a myriad of tariffs and line regulations. The United States, along with these nations, controlled 40 percent of global trade.

In addition to creating trading difficulties, Trump has also taken strides toward limiting women’s reproductive freedoms. The Mexico City Policy, for example, is an agreement that prohibits international non-governmental organizations from receiving federal funding from the United States if they perform or promote abortion as a form of family planning.

The Mexico City Policy was first introduced in 1984 by Ronald Reagan, but has since been rescinded and reinstated by the different presidents over the years. Trump has signed an agenda to ensure that taxpayer money does not go to abortion-related activity.

Trump has also frozen federal workforce hiring and has cancelled a mortgage premium from the Federal Housing Administration that would have allowed more people to qualify for mortgages.

Despite the outrage he has sparked with the previously mentioned issues, banning refugees from predominantly Muslim countries for the next 120 days is the issue that may have caused the most frustration so far. Trump has claimed that by enforcing this ban, he is decreasing the chances for terrorists to come into the country.

Many people in Syria have been hopeful of starting a new life in the United States. To many of them, the United States seems like their only hope to escape the violent civil war that has resulted in almost half a million causalities.

However, the recent executive order signed by Trump prevents even the most vulnerable from having a chance to enter the United States as refugees. Through this order, the leader of the free world is also playing into the offensive and inaccurate stereotype that terrorism and Islam have a direct correlation.

These issues become even more difficult to fathom when the official White House website gets involved. The website reflects Trump’s agenda for the next four years and his vision to change the country dramatically. The United States went from being a place where diversity was encouraged and celebrated to a place where only “real” U.S. citizens are entitled to live. Of course, Trump determines who is considered a “real” citizen.

In such a short time, the role of the United States in international relations has severely diminished. The country is edging toward minimal interaction.

Claiming that he is following a patriotic vision, Trump looks as though he is already working toward achieving what he believes is the best financial course of action for the United States. He is, in his eyes, making unilateral trade deals and bringing businesses back to the United States and, therefore, making more jobs available.

There is a lot of opposition to his plan because it does not seem very strategic—decreasing international relationships can have negative results in the future. Working with other nations in the past has proven to be vital for the success of the United States since other nations can provide resources that are not easily attainable in the United States.

It is no secret that the United States is a nation of immigrants, which has made the nation rich in diversity and encouraged the power of individual rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion. These are core values in U.S. citizens that are being redacted in their own way.

Additionally, Trump has made no effort to hide his misogynistic, racist and narcissistic personality that is bound to be reflected in his resolutions as he leads the free world. However, U.S. citizens are fighting together to prevent their nation from taking a trip back to the past when the United States was run by male white supremacists.