Trump's politics do not concern daughter's brand

The #GrabYourWallet social media campaign has been circulating since October, hoping to encourage consumers to avoid purchasing  any Trump brands. Ivanka Trump’s fashion line in department stores nationwide has been affected the most so far.

The campaign started with leftist Shannon Coulter, who preaches equality for women in the workplace and attends marches for women’s rights. In her efforts, Coulter is attempting to tear down a smart, young woman for her father’s politics.

Many companies, such as Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, have rejected the campaign and continue to supply Trump fashions. However, many major retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have decided to pull back on Trump’s lines and are refusing to stock her spring collection.

Trump launched her fashion company in 2007 with the intention of building up support for women in the workplace. Trump designed a line of clothing, jewelry and shoes that are reasonably priced and perfect for the millennial woman entering the business world.

At this point in time, Trump has stepped down from her company completely to move with her family to Washington, D.C. In her place, Trump left a single mother to run her company whose entire executive team is composed of women.

There are many questions surrounding the goals of the campaign. The goal could be to make Trump shut down her company completely, but tearing down a company built by women and for women cannot be anything but sexist. The campaigners claim to be feminists. They praise women who support other women in the workplace, except when a woman’s father’s political views differ from their own.

The movement will not affect Trump nearly as much as it will affect the women employed by her company. If Trump’s company fails, she and her family will still be worth billions of dollars and her father will still be the U.S. president. Meanwhile, thousands of women will be unable to pay for rent and care for their families once they lose their jobs.

It is easy to start a social media campaign and to target one person without thinking of the repercussions on other people’s lives. The company that these activists are trying so hard to tear down is run by real people who have real families and real lives.

The employees have bills to pay, mortgages to cover and rent to pay. Destroying the company that employees work for will not change that; it would only make it much harder for those same employees to sustain themselves.

Advocates who do not support Trump should not necessarily rush to department stores and buy from her brand, but before tweeting #GrabYourWallet or emailing a company and imploring it to stop stocking Trump’s line, it is necessary to think about who is really getting hurt. This company was made by women for women. It will not hurt Trump or her father, or any other member of her family. It will only hurt the women who will get laid off when the company needs to cut back to stay afloat.