Trump's erratic behavior leads to confusion and unfair decisions

Donald Trump is an unpredictable president. He regularly uses Twitter as a platform to share his beliefs and tends to change his stance on major issues on a whim.

Currently, he is creating a budget that will cut funds from various social programs and increase military and security spending. Most notably, his proposed cuts to Social Security benefits are likely to be disastrous for poor and disabled seniors.

Trump also proposed to cut funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities. Without the funds, U.S. arts communities will suffer considerably.

His unpredictability made a comeback when instead of cutting NASA funding—he proposed earlier cutting the NASA budget to $19.1 billion—Trump signed a bill that would add $19.5 billion to space exploration. Specifically, the bill pushes for human exploration of Mars in order to find out whether it can sustain life.

With so much uncertainty surrounding Trump’s budget for the next fiscal year, the knowledge that a significant entity like NASA will receive proper funding is reassuring.

It shows that the administration, despite some of its other decisions, supports its scientists and astronauts. However, it also creates confusion as to what the administration prioritizes. After all, how can it support one form of advancement while gutting another?