Tournament raises money for cancer


Determination was strong, spirits were high and intentions were pure at the 4th Annual 3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament organized by Baruch College’s National Association of Black Accountants held on May 10 in the Baruch gymnasium. NABA organized the Charity Basketball Tournament to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Various members of NABA Baruch as well as professional accountants from companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers participated in the tournament.

Victory was achieved for all teams as NABA met their goal of raising $500 even before the tournament came to an end. A former member of NABA and an alumnus of Baruch, Gregory Davis-Clarke also came out to support the noble cause and served as the host during the game.

Davis-Clarke, who is now working in human assets at Education Pioneers, a nonprofit organization in the city, deeply misses Baruch and his NABA family and tries to attend as many events as he can to show his support and to stay in touch.

While this event is a way to have fun and relieve the stress of school, NABA Baruch also believes it’s a great way to connect with professionals from various companies who are looking for multi-talented candidates. Jeremain Malcolm, a member of NABA New York and part of the assets management practice at PwC, attends such events for the specific purpose of networking and meeting involved students.

He shared: “This incredible event is the first of its kind, one I have never attended at any other school. That’s what I love about NABA Baruch. They’re energetic and passionate about everything they do.”

He also added that events such as this help build the brotherhood and sisterhood for which NABA stands. He emphasized, “Lifting as we climb is the most significant value of NABA, one I am glad to see is well established here at NABA Baruch.”

If it was the men of NABA Baruch who graced the court, it was the women of the association who organized the event and brought it together. Fathia Ladejobi, currently studying accounting at Baruch, will be the director of communications for the upcoming year and plans to host many more events where the members of her organization can network and have fun.

Amid finals season, students came out to play basketball and to raise money for an important cause.

While Baruch students may be known for their business and networking skills, the Charity Basketball Tournament showed how they are multi-talented and that they bring their hearts to everything they do.