Tinder not guilty in dating apocalypse

The dating game is a series of dissatisfactions and disappointments. It is a cycle of broken trust and loneliness that brings humble people to apps like Tinder and leaves them reeling over the state of human affairs.

We put our hearts on the line and are handed them back in sad, tiny pieces. Vanity Fair has taken to calling this apparent rise of hook-up culture and death of traditional courtship a “dating apocalypse.” If you have low expectations, you can certainly worry less about someone letting you down. You keep two, three or maybe even four potential lovers on the line constantly, as backups, in case your main interest falls through the cracks somehow.

If you do not, you will feel inadequate; you will wonder whether you are losing the dating game. You talk to these strangers to distract you from the fact that the person who you want 2 a.m. texts from has not responded in 13 hours. But you wait.

Who is to say that romance is dead? Tinder is not responsible for hook-up culture. Sex has been around for centuries, and sex feels good. A human being is not going to stop knowing what it means to love another person just because they have perfected the art of making love to another person.

A Saturday night hookup is not going to fill the void that an ex left behind. It is just a distraction until one is able to truly move on. Romance is not dead, there are simply more easily accessible hedonistic pleasures.

More people are hooking up, yes—50 million people are on Tinder, more than half of whom are 18-24 year-olds. However, while the app is notorious for its hookup game, there are still many people on there looking for something more serious and intimate than just a one night fling.

The infamous use of the app does not change the intentions of individual users. There are still human beings out there who want someone to wake up to the next morning, rather than facing a bed full of regrets but without a lover in sight.

Perhaps the dilemma that people are facing is not that of casual hookups versus serious relationships. Perhaps it is not a dilemma at all.

Tinder is another mobile app for your smartphone to pass the time. It is a game of one-hitters, and your best pick-up line for the stranger who thought your profile picture with your cat was charming and your height in the description box was enticing.

You wonder whether this stranger could ever love you, you wonder until the moment they ask the single defining question of your relationship, “What would you do if I were there right now?” Unmatch.