Third floor landing creates hazardous conditions for all

Trying to exit the Newman Vertical Campus or walking to another class has become a nightmare, especially when trying to navigate the third floor.

With a narrow passageway and escalators that most students think are the only means of getting around on campus, the third floor of the NVC seems to have become more of a safety hazard rather than an exit or way of going to class.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are briefed on campus activities, student life and academics at Baruch College at their respective orientations before the first day of classes and in First-Year and Transfer Seminars every day after.

However, it is rarely mentioned that there are multiple sets of stairs throughout the NVC that can be used to get to classes, besides the packed elevators and escalators.

Many new students find themselves going up the escalators to find out that they only run up to the fifth floor. Other new students get on the elevator to get to a certain floor they have a class on, only to find out that the elevators only stop on the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh floors. Nerves are enough for new students to deal with on the first day of classes.

Public safety personnel should direct traffic during busy hours of the day in order to make sure that students know there are other sets of stairs that can be used as an alternative to the escalators. There should be signs posted about the location of where the different sets of stairs are located throughout campus because there really is no way to find out about them unless students physically enter a hallway and encounter one.

Not only does the heavy rush of students who are trying to exit campus or go to their next class cause delays, but it is also a safety hazard. There is no reason for students to be packed into one tiny, crowded passageway where a student can get injured from pushing and shoving. A tightly packed escalator also poses other safety threats.

Even students who are not necessarily new to campus may not be aware that there are many staircases throughout the NVC that can be used to get to and from classes in a faster and less crowded way.

With better direction and postings on how to get around campus, it would make the NVC safer on certain busy floors, such as the third floor. Not only would it make passage less precarious but it would also ease new students who may be unfamiliar with the strange layout of the building.