The USG Beat: Sept. 5

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government held its second senate meeting of the semester on Sept. 5. The meeting started with a presentation headed by Ehtasham Bhatti, executive treasurer of USG, detailing the organization’s current budget.

Bhatti presented a spreadsheet whose columns separate into the clubs and organization budget, the operations budget and the programming budget. The spreadsheet also breaks down the student activity fee and how it is redistributed. The current budget, as well as previous ones, are available on the USG website at “”

Representative Senator Tarak Chowdhury reported on the book drive he headed during the week of Aug. 28, which was an overwhelming success. Individuals who donated books were submitted into a raffle for a free unlimited MetroCard, while clubs that donated the most won a $100 co-sponsorship.

The total number of books donated for both individuals and clubs reached well over 1,175. The winner of the MetroCard raffle was Laura Guzman, and the winner of the club co-sponsorship was the Japanese Anime Asylum of Baruch College, which donated 316 books. USG then tabled on the second floor lobby of the Newman Vertical Campus, giving away the books. Over 500 of them were picked up.

“This event definitely exceeded my expectations. [I am] thankful for all the individuals and clubs for participating. I was expecting 200 to 300 books, but we got five times that. [We] will most likely hold another club hours for Baruch students before the donation,” Chowdhury said.

Danny Morote, vice president of legislative affairs, also gave a report that encouraged students to reach out to their local representatives and get politically active. He also updated the table on the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival, or DACA, rollbacks, announcing an event on Sept. 28 in the Multipurpose Room. This event will focus on DREAMers and inform them on what they can do about their DACA status.

Jasper Diaz, the University Student Senate representative, presented a report regarding his progress. Diaz, after corresponding with the CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities, proposed to create a standing committee reaching out to Baruch’s Student Disability Services. He also suggested a legislative body training for CUNY USS delegates that focuses on advocacy, organizing and lobbying.

The table is now in the process of electing a substitute executive vice president. While Morote is slated as a potential candidate, the vote has been tabled until the next meeting.

A vote to possibly create an ad hoc Public Relations committee, acting as a funnel to redirect students with concerns to the right people, has also been tabled during the meeting. The next USG senate meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

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