The USG Beat: Sept. 12

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government held its third senate meeting of the year on Sept. 12. The meeting opened up with a short presentation given by Javier Jimenez, a representative from the New York Blood Center, urging senate members and meeting attendees to break previous donating records and alleviate the pressure put on the blood banks of disaster-stricken areas, such as those in Florida and Texas.

The next part of the meeting was headed by Suzanna Egan, chair of appeals, addressing the appeals request from the National Association of Black Accountants.

NABA was appealing for additional money in order to cover the costs of attending the 2017 NABA Eastern Region Student Conference, an off-campus event in Norfolk, Virginia. This would be the club’s fourth time attending the conference. While the board of directors meeting took place on Sept. 14, USG decided to postpone club appeals to the next BOD meeting so it could have more time to prepare.

NABA has its event happening before the next BOD meeting, however, and was concerned that its accommodations, which had already been booked for months, would not be directly covered by appeals. While it may have been possible for the table to pass the appeal anyway, the motion to allow the club’s appeal failed with 7-8-1, and an ultimate motion to move the appeal to zero dollars passed. While clubs, in this case, would only be able to amend this situation by either moving across a budget line or moving money up and down by 10 percent, clubs can still move money in their budgets without the table’s approval until Sept. 30 since budgets are not yet finalized.

Later in the meeting, Daniel Morote, vice president of legislative affairs, was officially voted in as a substitute in case Derny Fleurima, the executive vice president, cannot fulfill his duties.

Suleman Aleem, vice president of academic affairs, also attended Baruch’s monthly faculty senate meeting and reported on its progress.

The main points of the meeting included Baruch College President Mitchel B. Wallerstein reiterating that he will not be responsive to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement unless required by law. The meeting also covered the college’s anticipated five-year plan, spanning from 2018 to 2023. The plan mostly includes the planning for the construction of the new building on 17 Lexington Ave, which will replace the old one.

Frances Subervi, the vice president of campus affairs, reported on the 23rd Street building as well, including a plan to build more elevators for students. The beginning of construction, however, has created problems that were not anticipated, prolonging the process. The earliest projection of the building's completion is in 15 years.

Though Baruch will be running on a Thursday schedule for Sept. 19, USG will still be hosting its weekly senate meeting.

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