‘Taste of Africa’ fashion show lauds ‘New Africa’

After much anticipation, Baruch College’s African Student Association hosted its eighth annual “Taste of Africa” fashion show on Dec. 1 in Mason Hall.

"La Nouvelle Afrique," or “The New Africa,” was the name and respective theme given to the show this year.

When asked about the inspiration for this year’s theme, Bisi Alade, vice president of Baruch’s ASA, explained over instant messenger that the show would promote a younger African perspective.

“The inspiration behind the theme for this year’s ‘Taste of Africa’ event is the uprising millennials. We wanted to have the audience experience Africa from a younger perspective since we are the future of our heritage,” Alade said.

Alade continued to describe the idea behind the theme and title of the show to be illustrative of new age African culture.

She pointed out the show’s “representation of African culture,” dubbed “the New Africa,” for younger generations, included millennials. Alade explained that this year’s show will really highlight “how we (new African youth) look and have added our own twist to our culture.”

In response to inquiries regarding expectations for this year’s performances, Alade said, “The African Students Association is very excited to showcase some hidden talent from Baruch students!”

Alade also commented that, “We have an estimated 30 models preparing to showcase our take on New African culture, but too many performers to count!”

Last year’s event, named “The Evolution,” was an enormous success that drew a multitude of students from different areas of Baruch’s student life, and ASA expected an even greater turnout this year.

“The Evolution” featured musical performances, individual spoken word performances, cultural dance performances and of course, innovative modeling.

"La Nouvelle Afrique" fashion show, while prepared for intensively, maintains room for improvisation as well.

According to Alade, the fashion show included “events that were unprepared for. It’s a show after all and we are just excited to showcase our take on modern African culture.”

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