Street Fighter V and Far Cry Primal planned for February releases


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.40.32 PM The holiday season may be over, but the gaming industry continues to pump out new titles on all platforms. Gamers have some exciting games to look forward to as February rolls in.

Jan. 28 saw the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC. Once an Xbox exclusive, the game is now available on Steam with major graphical enhancements. The latest Tomb Raider was already visually stunning on the Xbox One, but PC gamers will be able to enjoy an even greater level of realistic graphics.

PC gamers can run the game with high levels of detail, thanks to Crystal Dynamics' upgraded Foundation Engine. Developers have included a new lighting system called HBAO+, which is used to produce richer and more detailed ambient lighting. The upgraded graphical experience will cost gamers roughly $60 on Steam.

This War of Mine was released in 2014 by 11 bit studios on Mac, Windows and Linux. The game featured RPG elements in the increasingly common 2.5D perspective. Players must survive playing as citizens in a war-torn Bosnia, where they take care of companions by day, and either sleep or scavenge the countryside for supplies by night.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones, is the same game from 11 bit studios, with added child companions and a few new missions. The new game will be offered exclusively on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The original game had an 83 percent Metacritic score, and reviews for The Little Ones have minimal complaints. Any next-gen console gamers who were unable to buy This War of Mine are now able to, as the game came out Jan. 29.

XCOM 2 is the sequel to Firaxis Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which was released in 2012. XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after the events of its predecessor, where the player acts as the commander of the XCOM resistance force, fighting the alien occupation of Earth.

The turn-based action RPG allows players to control squads of resistance fighters that he or she recruits for missions. Between missions, gamers can customize their experience aboard the Avenger, a commandeered alien command ship. There, the player will be able to research new equipment and upgrades for recruits, unlock new classes for troops and launch missions. XCOM 2 comes out on PC and Mac on Feb. 5 for $60.

If you are a fan of the Street Fighter franchise and own a PC or a PlayStation 4, you are in luck. Street Fighter V arrives on Feb. 16, and promises all the street brawling action one could hope for. The franchise has been around since 1987, and has since become Capcom’s second best-selling series, and one of the most widely known titles in the gaming industry.

Street Fighter V will feature cross-platform online play between players. Along with all the characters from previous Street Fighter games, Capcom will be introducing four new characters at launch, along with six additional new characters added throughout 2016. The six extra characters will be available for purchase using in-game currency earned through fighting or purchased with real-world money.

Dying Light fans will be able to enjoy an expanded gameplay experience with a new DLC, titled The Following. The 2015 action/survival zombie game was created by a Polish developer named Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The Following DLC will feature a map that, according to Techland, is “twice as big as the maps from the original game.” The developer says that this new area will be filled with new and interesting locations, claiming that “all the locations are full of little details that tell various apocalyptic stories if you look closely and the most inquisitive will surely discover dozens of rewarding secrets." The new DLC will cost $20, a relatively hefty price for a DLC, and will be released on Feb. 9.

Far Cry Primal is the newest upcoming Far Cry title developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Far Cry Primal is the fifth installment in the Far Cry franchise. Gamers will play as Takkar, a Stone Age hunter, whose story is the center of the game. Takkar starts out the game unarmed but must rise to become the leader of a tribe.

Gameplay footage has given Far Cry fans something to look forward to that is both beautiful and unique but with similar gameplay elements as previous franchise titles. Because the game will take place during prehistoric times, modern guns and vehicles will not be present. The weapons available will be melee weapons like spears and axes, and short-ranged weapons like bows.

Gamers playing as Takkar will not be able purchase weapons like previous Far Cry titles. Instead, they must craft their weapons using materials and resources scavenged from the world around them. As Takkar discovers more of the world, players will have access to new resources which can be used to craft new and more deadly weapons and tools.

Players will progress through the game by building the power of their own tribe and driving off rival tribes by attacking their camps, much like capturing outposts in the previous Far Cry titles. Players’ tribes are composed of fellow men recruited by Takkar, whom he will have to manage and look after.

Early in the game, Takkar is given the ability to tame certain animals. These animals can be used as companions. Certain animals, like birds, can be used to scout enemy camps. Others, like wolves and saber tooth tigers, can be used as weapons against enemies or as hunting companions. Far Cry Primal looks like it will be a brand new gaming experience and will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on Feb. 23.