Senator proposes Greek life committee


Representative Sen. Andrew Windsor proposed a new ad hoc committee focusing on social Greek life at Baruch College during the Undergraduate Student Government weekly senate meeting on March 20. The senate decided not to accept his proposal and instead stated that the Greek life issuecan be independently researched or examined by an already established committee.

USG President Isabel Arias recently visited David Christy, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, to discuss whether the administration will reinstate social organizations. While a decision has not yet been made on the moratorium, Windsor proposed “a senate-run committee that would delve into the past, current and hopefully future status of Greek organizations.”

According to the proposal’s plan of action, the committee would research “how other institutions of higher education handle Greek life” in terms of fraternity hazing and develop “potential plans that USG or the administration may implement.”

In response to Windsor’s proposal, Arias said she did not find it necessary to add another committee as this is more of an initiative that can be addressed within Windsor’s Constitutional Review committee.

USG Treasurer Suzanna Egan agreed with Arias that research can be done without the creation of a new committee and said there is no need for “another committee for the sake of a title.”

Windsor expressed he has no concern for who chairs the committee and pointed out that while research can be done independently, no one has actually taken any initiative since last June to do research. By creating this committee, he said, there would be “a concerted way of providing information to the administration.”

Chair of Clubs and Organizations Arvis Chen supported the proposal for the committee. He said he believes USG should “actively look at past policies to create a solution to bring back social Greek life.”

But Egan was quick to point out that Greek life could potentially be part of Chen’s committee in the future and questioned again why it needs to be a separate committee of its own.

Windsor replied on behalf of Chen, saying Chen is already busy as chair of the committee, as there are hundreds of clubs and only about five people actively helping him manage it.

To Egan’s question, Windsor said the main purpose of the committee would be to have someone report to the table and then to the provost. Arias reiterated if he did the independent research and brought it to the table, she could bring up whatever the table decides to the provost.

The meeting was adjourned with the majority of the table opposing the “Greek Life Review Committee.”

In an interview, Windsor said as an initial reaction to the rejection of his proposal that while he “can research on [his] own as any student can, [he] wanted to bring in different ideas from different students.”

“Going forward with no official vehicle,” he said, “the only reason I wanted to legitimize this as a committee is because this is a big problem we are facing. We only gave our opinion as USG and it is our job to back up our opinion with research.”