SASA throws an end-of-year bash that stays true to its roots


The South Asian Student Association held its biggest and last event of the year, “Disco Deewane” in the Multipurpose Room on Dec. 5.

With a bright stage setup, dinner tables decorated in purple and white and club members dressed in colorful ethnic salwar kameezes and kurtas, SASA welcomed Baruch College students to its last event of the year.

The event marketed and promoted on social media that it was going to have a DJ, but that particular DJ canceled last minute. Instead, a student from the club, Sahil Jaisinghani, was the DJ for the night.

The formal consisted of various South Asian performances and a competitive dance battle. The event gained momentum as Baruch College student Jake Joseph, known by his rap artist name “Hegemonic,” began his performance. SASA President Alvin Manchery, who goes by the rap name “Mr. Cherry” performed with Joseph.

Following the rap performance by the two students was a dance battle between two distinct dance forms: Bhangra and Bollywood.

The dance was performed by Baruch students Payal Dhanda and Sadia Huque.

While the performance began as a battle between the two dance forms, it ultimately ended up being a single celebration of the two styles and of the South Asian culture.

The performances were followed by classic South Asian appetizers. The food that was served included samosas, kebabs and chicken tikka. Students were promised a chocolate fountain in the event flyer, but in the end, it was not allowed by security due to safety hazards.

The highlight of the night was the multi-course dinner served by SASA for Baruch students to enjoy. The dinner included South Asian dishes such as vegetarian biryani, chicken tikka masala and paneer tikka, all accompanied by naan and various chutneys.

Soon after dinner, SASA members opened the dance floor for all attendees to join. However, before the dinner even ended, Baruch students were on the dance floor dancing to a mix of Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish and English songs.

Karishma Malhotra, a sophomore at the school and a member of SASA’s e-board, said the hardest thing about planning the event, was “the coordination. It was hard bringing everything together making sure the event went exactly the way we wanted it to go.”

Malhotra wore a green and pink ghagra-choli, a traditional outfit from India. She also mentioned that she was very happy with the way the event turned out and loved the support of the students adding, “I loved how it wasn’t just members of the South Asian community who came to the event tonight. It was other Baruch students as well and that is always our biggest goal. We want to share our culture with everyone and want everyone to have a wonderful experience.”

Editor's Note: Aysha Eman, a photographer for The Ticker, is featured in the above photo.

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