Right Wings give forum for political discussion

Those looking to discuss conservative policy in a friendly environment can look no further than Baruch College Republicans, a relatively new club on campus that seeks to spread information and further political discussions. The club, which is in the process of becoming chartered by the College Republican National Committee via the New York Federation of College Republicans, was originally created last year by Chaya Halberstam, the club’s current vice president.

According to Vincent Gangemi, the club’s president, the club’s mission is “to encourage students on Baruch College’s campus to promote political efficacy, to bolster a dialogue on fiscally conservative policies and to ultimately assist students in finding their voices in a democracy as remarkable as that of the United States.”

Gangemi met Halberstam in a freshman English class. Other club members were recruited through hosting and co-hosting events. Together, the two have “organized events and have watched the club grow substantially.”

The club began the Fall semester with a general interest meeting that engaged students politically and exposed them to the club’s mission. The club also participated in last month’s Voter Registration Rally event in the 25th Street Plaza. There, Baruch College Republicans looked to register students to vote and informed them about political candidates for various city-wide positions.

On Oct. 13, the club participated in Baruch’s Black Student Union’s Head of State event. The panel discussion, which was also attended by College Democrats at Baruch, focused on the importance of registering to vote. Once again, students were given the opportunity to register to vote, a cause that is “very important” to the club.

Most recently, on Oct. 23, the club supported the Baruch Honors Council’s Out of Darkness Walk at Robert Wagner Park. The walk sought to draw attention to suicide as well as decrease future suicide rates. Although the club does not have much outside support at this moment, club officials were sent to the NYCFR Fall Convention at Columbia University on Oct. 22.

As a whole, the club has not endorsed nor taken a firm stance on any presidential candidate. However, Gangemi believes that one should “Vote Your Conscience” on Election Day. Gangemi noted that the club sometimes refers to itself as The Right Wings in order to better encompass its core philosophy.

“We like to accommodate the opinions of all political philosophies, specifically those to the right of the political spectrum. We make clear that we house ideologies of all kinds, namely: Conservatives, Nationalists, Libertarians, moderates and undecided thinkers,” said Gangemi.

The club uses both titles—The Right Wings and Baruch College Republicans—interchangeably.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, Baruch College Republicans plans to co-host a debate with Baruch College Democrats on the issues elected officials will face.

For more information on Baruch College Republicans, find them on Facebook at: Facebook.com/BaruchsRightWings or email them at BaruchRightWings@gmail.com.