Premier League transfer period moves shock fans

The January transfer window for the English Premier League may have closed, but it will have lasting repercussions for the future of many clubs. No player was safe from the maneuvering hand of any contending team looking for that competitive edge to make a challenge for the league title. The transfer window was introduced as compulsory in the 2002-2003 season by the international soccer governing body FIFA. This system was introduced to increase the strength and stability of teams and prevent agents from trying to scour for deals throughout the year.This short window allows players to focus on games instead of worrying what team they might end up on. In just a 31-day period, talent worth upwards of 430 million pounds, or roughly 600 million dollars, made this a record-breaking month. Transfers occurred amongst all top six teams, resulting in at least one top player being added to their rosters. To kick off this year’s shuffle, Liverpool F.C. set the bar high with its major trade of Philippe Coutinho to FC Barcelona for 142 million pounds and simultaneously signing Virgil van Dijk for 75 million pounds. Another notable and much-talked about trade was Arsenal F.C.'s exchange for 29-year-old Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United F.C. in return for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. This gamble by Arsenal is an attempt to recover the team from its rough season, which has it currently in sixth place. Departing along with Sanchez were Theo Walcott, Francis Coquelin and Olivier Giroud. Even though Arsenal lost a fair number of players, the team gained Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Konstantinos Mavropanos, both strong for the scheme employs. Not every team had a dream transfer window; first place Manchester City F.C. attempted significant moves in order to maintain its lead atop the Premier League. Manchester had two main targets in mind, but missed on both and settled with center back Aymeric Laporte. Team owners and members are the only ones that impact who stays and who goes. Fans voice their disdain over trades that they may not find favorable. A lot has been debated and fans are split over whether or not the departure of Sanchez from Arsenal is all that bad. Some of the fans are upset because this brings up some bitterness due to the similarity to the 2011 trade of Robin van Persie to Manchester United, who then ended up leading them to a Premier League title. Similarities aside, this exchange is less upsetting because of the attitude Sanchez carried on the field this season seemingly playing without loyalty for the club. This upcoming month, these trades will be put to the test as this season winds down. Arsenal came away with a convincing win of 5-1 against Everton F.C. without Sanchez. Manchester United also came away with a win of 2-0 against Huddersfield Town A.F.C., seeing a goal from Sanchez highlighting his talent and value as the highest paid player in the league. This shows that maybe fans should hold off on buying a player’s jersey until the dust settles.