Pregnancy system removes confusion

Last year, South Korea’s birthrate of 1.24 live births per thousand of population per year was the lowest among the 34 member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. In an effort to increase the low fertility rate, the government has taken steps to provide more support for pregnant women.

Earlier this year, South Korea launched the Pink Light Campaign to give pregnant women a more convenient travel experience on public transportation systems. The campaign was started to remind subway riders to offer their seat to a pregnant woman when she boards the train. Expectant mothers were given pink and white key chains that would trigger sensors near priority seats when within two meters. Passengers were alerted by a pink light when a pregnant woman was nearby in order for passengers to know to rise and give up their seat.People who do not necessarily require priority seats may still occupy them.

This initiative provides a courteous approach to accommodating pregnant women. It can be difficult to tell when a woman is expecting a baby in the early stages of pregnancy. This campaign will allow passengers to know to share their seat while also preventing awkward situations from arising.